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EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Automotive USB Type-C and Power Delivery Controller | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Automotive USB Type-C and Power Delivery Controller

EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Auto is Cypress’ second-gen Automotive USB-C and Power Delivery controller targeting in-vehicle charger ports. CCG3PA Auto supports Power Delivery 3.0 with Programmable Power Supply (PPS), Quick Charge 4.0, integrated VBUS-to-CC short protection, 30V-tolerant regulator, high-voltage PFET gate drivers, VBUS Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection, and ESD protection.

CCG3PA Auto is a programmable solution with 64KB flash for firmware upgrade enabling smart features such as:

  • Dynamic load sharing between ports
  • Support for USB Power Delivery 3.0 including PPS as well as legacy protocols (BC 1.2, QC 2.0/3.0/4.0+, Apple Charging, Samsung AFC)
  • Single chip solution for systems with USB Type-C + Type-A (with CCG3PA Automotive)
  • Smart communication to media hubs in head unit
  • Support for Alternate Modes (DisplayPort) for read seat entertainment systems
  • Cable compensation to account for designs with pigtails
  • Smart power management, with thermal- and VIN-based power throttling
  • Programmability enabling customization such as port priority, LED controls etc.
  • Flash upgradability to keep up with latest USB Power Delivery standards

Cypress has USB Type-C and Power Delivery reference designs readily available online for various applications which can be used to speed up the design cycle.

Click here for EZ-PD CCGx Power Software Development Kit (SDK) support for CCG3PA.

  • USB Type-C and Power Delivery 3.0 with Programmable Power Supply (PPS)
  • 2x Legacy/Proprietary Charging Blocks: BC v1.2, Apple Charging, Qualcomm Charging 4.0, Samsung AFC
  • Integrated Digital Blocks
    • Four timers, counters and PWMs and up to 12 GPIOs
    • Two SCBs for configurable master/slave I2C, SPI or UART
  • Integrated Analog Blocks
    • 30V-tolerant regulator
    • VBUS-to-CC short protection
    • Integrated Voltage (VBUS) Regulation and Current Sense Amplifier
    • Two high-voltage PFET gate drivers
    • Two VBUS discharge NFET
  • System-Level Fault Protection
    • On-chip OVP, OCP, UVP, and SCP
  • 32-bit MCU Subsystem
    • ARM Cortex-M0 CPU
    • 64KB Flash, 8KB SRAM
  • パッケージ: 24-pin QFN with wettable flanks
  • Fully AECQ-100 qualified (–40 °C to +105 °C)
  1. Watch the USB Type-C 101 Video Series
  2. Contact Cypress Sales Office to get the CCG3PA Automotive Datasheet, Automotive USB Type-C Reference Design and EZ-PD CCG3PA Automotive Evaluation Kit
  3. Refer to the CCGx FAQ page
  4. Get your schematics reviewed by the Cypress Applications Engineering Team using the Online Tech Support Case System

EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Automotive Evaluation Kit

USB Type-C Specification

USB Type-C is the new USB-IF standard that solves several challenges faced by today's Type-A and Type-B cables and connectors. USB Type-C uses a slimmer connector (measuring only 2.4-mm in height) to allow for increasing miniaturization of consumer and industrial products. The specification allows for fully reversible plugs and enables transport of both USB signals and PCIe or DisplayPort signals on the same connector. The Type-C specification aslo increases the power delivery capability from 7.5 W to 100 W.

USB 3.1 specification (including Type-C)

USB Power Delivery

The New USB Type-C Cable