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Excelon™ Ferroelectric-RAM (F-RAM): The Lowest-Power Nonvolatile Memory | Cypress Semiconductor

Excelon™ Ferroelectric-RAM (F-RAM): The Lowest-Power Nonvolatile Memory

Excelon™, Cypress’ next-generation Ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM), delivers the industry’s lowest-power mission-critical nonvolatile memory, by combining ultra-low-power operation with high-speed interfaces, instant nonvolatility and unlimited read/write cycle endurance. This makes Excelon the ideal data-logging memory for portable medical, wearable, IoT sensor, industrial and automotive applications.


  • Up-to 150x reduction in typical standby current (1 μA) and hibernate current (0.1 μA) compared to current F-RAMs
  • Greater than 10x increase in performance with the addition of a 108 MHz QSPI, compared to competing SPI F-RAMs
  • Offers NoDelay™ writes to capture data instantly with no soak time requirement and without any additional components for power back-up
  • 2-Mbit, 4-Mbit, and 8-Mbit density options
  • Operating voltage range: 1.71–1.89V and 1.80–3.60V
  • Commercial (0°C to +70°C), Industrial (-40°C to +85°C), Auto-A (-40°C to +85°C) and Auto-E (-40°C to +125°C) temperature grades

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Excelon LP for Portable Medical, Wearable, and IoT Devices

  • Provides multiple power-saving modes, including hibernate, deep power-down and standby
  • Consumes 200x less energy than EEPROM and 3,000x less energy than NOR Flash products
  • Offers read/write endurance of 1,000 trillion write cycles to log data every millisecond for more than 3,000 years
  • Introduces 8 Mbit density F-RAM, the highest-density Serial F-RAM, to meet the growing data-logging requirement in these applications
  • Available in small footprint ~10mm2, 8-pin GQFN package

Excelon Ultra for High-Performance Industrial Applications

  • Provides a low-pin-count 108 MHz QSPI interface that is as fast as a parallel interface with 35 ns burst access time
  • Offers read/write endurance of 100 trillion cycles to log data continuously for 15-20 years at 85°C
  • Replaces a multi-component solution (SRAM + battery + power management controller) with a single-chip solution and thereby improves reliability and reduces the BOM cost

Excelon Auto for Automotive Applications

  • AEC-Q100-qualified and Functional Safety (ISO 26262)-compliant memory
  • Offers read/write endurance of 10 trillion cycles to log data every 10 microseconds for 20 years
  • Replaces a multi-component solution (SRAM + battery + power management controller) with a single-chip solution improve reliability and reduce the BOM cost

Portable and Implantable Medical Devices

The latest-generation of portable and implantable medical devices continuously record large amounts of patient data and provide over-the-air diagnostics. Extended battery life, high reliability and ensuring the smallest form-factor are key design problems that implantable medical device designers face. Click here to learn how Excelon™ F-RAMs solve these problems.


Fitness Tracker

The latest-generation fitness trackers continuously record large amounts of user data to provide valuable insights about the user’s health, fitness and general well-being. Fitness trackers also continue to shrink in size and have taken ultra-small form factors, like rings. Maximizing battery life and ensuring the smallest form-factor are key design problems that fitness tracker designers face. Click here to learn how Excelon F-RAMs solve these problems.


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PLCs are required to continuously log real-time system data, and capture the system state data, automatically on power loss or system failure. This is required to enable efficient and safe factory operation as well as advancements like predictive analytics and preventive maintenance. Click here to learn why Excelon F-RAMs are the ideal memory for the highly demanding data-logging needs of PLCs.


ADAS Vision System

Camera-based vision systems form an integral part of ADAS and are the key to driver assistance functions, such as collision avoidance, and can also support the driver in reducing the severity of an accident. As motor vehicles become autonomous, there is an urgent need for the highest reliability event-data-recorders in ADAS vision systems, to ensure last event capture. Click here to learn how Excelon F-RAMs enable instant and reliable data-capture in ADAS vision systems.

Product Features Excelon LP Excelon Ultra Excelon Auto
製品セレクタ ガイド
Density 4 Mbit 8 Mbit 4 Mbit 2 Mbit, 4 Mbit
Speed/Interface 20 MHz/SPI
50 MHz/SPI
Standby Current (typ) 2.3µA 3.8µA 165µA 2.7µA
Hibernate Current (typ) 0.1µA 0.1µA 0.1µA 0.1µA
Deep Power Down Current (typ) 0.7µA 1.0µA 1.0µA 1.10µA
Active Current (max) 1.5 mA (at 20 MHz, 70°C)
3.7 mA (at 50 MHz, 85°C)
1.6 mA (at 20 MHz, 70°C) 14 mA (at 108 MHz SPI) 7 mA (at 50 MHz)
Operating Voltage Range 1.71V - 1.89V
1.8V - 3.6V
1.71V - 1.89V
1.8V - 3.6V
1.71V - 1.89V
1.8V - 3.6V
1.71V - 1.89V
1.8V - 3.6V
Endurance (R/W cycles) 1015 1015 1014 1013
Data Retention 141 years (at 70°C)
10 years (at 85°C)
141 years (at 70°C) 10 years (at 85°C) 11 years (at 105°C)
使用温度範囲 Commercial (0°C to +70°C)
Industrial (-40°C to +85°C)
Commercial (0°C to +70°C) Industrial (-40°C to +85°C) Automotive Grade 3
(-40°C to +85°C)
Automotive Grade 1
(-40°C to +125°C)
いいえ いいえ いいえ はい
Packages 8 EIAJ, 8 GQFN 8 GQFN 8 EIAJ 8 EIAJ
ECC はい はい はい はい

Excelon F-RAM Development Kit


The Excelon development kit is a low-cost hardware platform that enables design and debug of the Excelon-Ultra family of QSPI F-RAM using Cypress’ PSoC 63 line of controllers. 

PSoC Board with Excelon

Featuring the Excelon-Ultra F-RAM

The Excelon development kit features the new Excelon-Ultra family: a 4Mbit, 108-MHz QSPI ultra-low-power F-RAM in an 8-SOIC package. With the on-board low-power PSoC 63 controller and  BLE connectivity, the Excelon development kit provides the key components needed to develop a secure and low-power IoT system with local, energy-efficient data-logging with Excelon-Ultra F-RAM. 

Excelon development kit features: 

  • CY15B104QSN-SXI: Excelon-Ultra 4Mbit, 108-MHz QSPI F-RAM in 8-SOIC package
  • CY8C6347 Arm® Cortex®-M4/M0+ dual-core PSoC 6 with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility
  • On-board 512Mb Quad-SPI NOR Flash memory
  • On-board EZ-PD™ CCG3 USB Type-C Controller with Power Delivery
  • CapSense® touch slider, buttons and proximity sensors
  • On-board programmer/debugger (Kitprog2)
  • Arduino® UNO v3 Shield headers
  • 2.7-inch E-ink Display Shield

Kits available in limited quantities. Click here to request a kit.