CY8CMBR2016 | サイプレス セミコンダクタ


Creating a capacitive matrix keypad has never been simpler. Complete a matrix keypad design (up to 4x4) with Cypress’s CY8CMBR2016, a member of the CapSense Express family. This complete approach, combining SmartSense Auto-tuning with hardware configurable settings that eliminate the need for software tools, firmware, and device programming, dramatically reduces the design cycle.

The CY8CMBR2016 supports industry standard Keypad Scan and Truth Table host interface protocols, enabling customers to leverage their existing host processor firmware.

The CY8CMBR2016 is enabled with Cypress’s SmartSense Auto-tuning, the only in production tuning algorithm which automatically compensates for variance in temperature, noise, and overlay thickness.
The Design Toolbox, found in the Design Tools link on this page, provides step-by-step guidance for the sensor design and layout process, which saves valuable engineering resources, test time, improves yield, and speeds time-to-volume.


  • Hardware Configurable Matrix Solution
    • Create a matrix system with no software tools, firmware, or device programming required
    • Multiple matrix configurations available
      • 3x4
      • 4x4
    • Can also be configured as 16 individual CapSense buttons
  • Matrix Host Interface Communication
    • Industry standard host interface protocols reuse existing host processor firmware
      • Key Scan Interface, Truth Table Interface
    • Encoded GPO Interface
  • Multi-Touch Enabled
    • Perfect for applications that require switching between multiple user interface modes
  • SmartSense Auto-Tuning Enabled
    • Robust noise performance
    • Strong immunity to Radio Frequency (RF) and Alternating Current (AC) noise
    • No manual tuning required
    • Supports wide range of input capacitance (5 to 40pf)
  • Low-Power Consumption
    • Supply current in run mode as low as 15 uA/button
    • Deep sleep mode: 100nA
  • Wide Operating Range
    • 1.71 to 5.5 V ideal for a wide range of regulated and unregulated battery applications
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