CY8C38xxx | サイプレス セミコンダクタ


With its unique array of configurable blocks, PSoC® 3 is a true system-level solution. CY8C38 ファミリは、高精度、広帯域、および高い柔軟性で信号を取得、処理、および制御する最新の手段を提供します。アナログ機能では、熱電対(DC 出力)から超音波信号まで、広範なセンサを扱うことができます。The CY8C38 family can handle dozens of data acquisition channels and analog inputs on every GPIO pin. The CY8C38 family is also a high performance configurable digital system with some part numbers including interfaces such as USB, multi-master I2C, and CAN. In addition to communication interfaces, the CY8C38 family has an easy to configure logic array, flexible routing to all IO pins, and a high performance single cycle 8051 microprocessor core. Designers can easily create system-level designs using a rich library of prebuilt components and a schematic entry tool that uses the standard design blocks and Boolean primitives. The CY8C38 family provides unparalleled opportunities for analog and digital bill of materials (BOM) integration while easily accommodating last minute design changes through simple firmware updates.

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    • ツール内のクイックスタートガイド(ヘルプ→ ドキュメンテーション → クイックスタートガイド)
    • PSoC Creator 内のチュートリアル ビデオを見る
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Device Documentation
Family Datasheet
The family datasheet is intended to provide quick reference on the specific PSoC 3 device family.
Family Programming Specifications
This document (available as an application note) provides information on hardware connections for programming, programming vectors required to develop your own PSoC 3 Programmers.
Technical Reference Manual
The PSoC 3 Technical Reference Manual provides detailed information on the device features and how they work. It is intended for advance user's who want to understand what's going on under the hood.
Software Documentation
Self Help Documentation
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  • My First Five PSoC 3 Design eBook provides you with a working foundation. Each project builds upon the knowledge you learn from the previous project. By the time you finish the final project, you will know about the PSoC 3 core, its digital and analog peripherals capabilities