CY8C20x24 | サイプレス セミコンダクタ


PSoC ファミリは、オンチップ コントローラ デバイスを備えた多くのデバイスで構成されています。These devices are designed to replace multiple traditional MCU based system components with one, low cost single chip programmable component. PSoC デバイスは、コンフィグレーション可能なアナログ ブロックとデジタルブロック、およびプログラム可能な相互接続を備えています。This architecture enables the user to create customized peripheral configurations, to match the requirements of each individual application. Additionally, a fast CPU, flash program memory, SRAM data memory, and configurable I/O are included in a range of convenient pinouts.

The PSoC architecture for this device family is comprised of three main areas: core, system resources, and CapSense analog system. A common, versatile bus enables connection between I/O and the analog system. Each CY8C20x24 PSoC device includes a dedicated CapSense block that provides sensing and scanning control circuitry for capacitive sensing applications. Depending on the PSoC package, up to 28 GPIOs are also included. 





  • 2.4V to 5.5V Core Voltage
  • Up to 28 GPIOs: Combination of Buttons, Multi-segment Sliders, Touchpads, Proximity Sensors, LEDs, Other GPIO functions
  • I2C and SPI Communication Interfaces
  • Wide Variety of Packages : 16QFN(3x3mm) to 32QFN(5x5mm)
  • 近接センシング
  • Patented CSA technology for robust immunity to conducted and radiated noise
  1. Download the Getting Started with CapSense Design Guide
  2. Install PSoC Designer to begin development
  3. Purchase one of the CapSense development kits to evaluate your design