CapSense | サイプレス セミコンダクタ


These mid-range series of CapSense® programmable controllers enables the user to integrate up to 34 GPIOs enabling customers to integrate sleek and trendy market leading Capacitive sensing solutions with the flexibility needed to make last minute changes and get to market before the competition. The addition of the ultra-low power CY8C20xx6A into this family, coupled with SmartSense Auto-tuning algorithm makes these devices the industry's easiest to use CapSense portfolio in the market , today.

  • Ultra low power with industry's widest voltage range.
  • Revolutionary, one of its kind, SmartSense Auto-Tuning algorithm.
CapSense Plus Controllers Graphic
1 Download the "Getting started with CapSense Design Guide"
  • CapSense Family Design guides provide design guidance for a particular device family(CY8C20x34 or CY8C20xx6A/H). It is intended for design engineers who are familiar with capacitive sensing technology and have chosen a specific family of devices for their applications.
3 Download "CapSense Design Guides Cross ref table"
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SmartSense™ is the latest advance from Cypress - the world leader in Capacitive Sensing. With SmartSense’ Cypress has incorporated a sophisticated algorithm which automatically optimizes CapSense...
The CapSense Family provides programmable touch sensing via assembly or C language coding in PSoC Designer. The CapSense Family supports up to twenty-one general purpose I/Os for buttons, multi-...
CY8C20xx6A/S family is a low power, 1.8V CapSense solution from Cypress, the world leader in Touch Sensing. This family is geared towards battery-powered applications such as Handheld Devices, Mobile...