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Automotive CXPI Transceivers | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Automotive CXPI Transceivers

CXPI (Clock eXtension Peripheral Interface) is designed to succeed the widely-used Local Interconnect Network (LIN) automotive communication protocol. CXPI reduces the bill-of-material costs and lower fuel consumption by requiring fewer wire harnesses in a vehicle. Cypress offers CXPI transceivers, as well as automotive MCUs – a complete solution for your automotive design needs. 

CXPI has the CSMA/CR system (event initiate system) built into the polling system of LIN, provides higher response time and scalability, and significantly reduces HMI and development costs. 

CXPI has reduced the number of the parts needed for the clock side of the design because a data and a clock can transmit at the same time by adoption of PWM. Furthermore, reliability improves by a communication between slaves, a secondary clock master function and a CRC.

  • Reduce wiring weight: HMI communication using CXPI reduces the number of wires and wiring weight. CXPI features high speed response time, enabling to minimize wiring length and to improve efficiency.
  • Quick response time: CXPI supports CSMA/CR (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Resolution) and enables communications between slaves. This helps master to reduces times to wait for response from each slave as seen in the polling system using LIN. CXPI also enables to extend transfer data length for Normal Flame up to 12 bytes and for Long Frame up to 255 bytes.
  • Reducing BOM cost: CXPI supports UART which most MCU typically have on device. CXPI’s PWM method system enables master ECU to send data and clock simultaneously to slave ECUs and does not require OSC circuit on slave ECUs.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: CXPI’s event-triggered system does not require to reconfigure event schedules to add and/or reduce slave ECUs. This enables for body control system engineers to develop multi type of vehicles easily and flexibly without any software change.
  • Improving reliability: CXPI supports CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error detection with 8-bit Normal Flame and 16-bit Long Frame and provides higher accuracy error detection than LIN’s check sum system. CXPI also offers secondary clock master feature and enables slaves to provide clock when master clock stops.
S6BT112A One-channel CXPI Transceiver IC for in-vehicle communication S6BT112A supports CXPI datalink controller and the interface of the BUS Line. It can be used to enable ECU...