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Development KitCY5677
Tape & ReelN

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2020 年 10 月 08 日
AN91445 explains antenna design in simple terms and provides guidelines for RF component selection, matching network design, and layout design. This application note also recommends two Cypress-tested PCB antennas that can be implemented at a very low cost for use with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions that are part of Cypress's PSoC® and PRoC® families. The PRoC BLE, PSoC 4 BLE, and PSoC 6 BLE 2.4-GHz radio must be carefully matched to its antenna for optimum performance.
2020 年 7 月 27 日
AN99209 provides an overview of the Bluetooth low energy (LE) 4.2 features and explains their usage at the application level. This application note also explains how to develop applications with these new features using Cypress PSoC 4/PRoC BLE 4.2 devices
2020 年 7 月 15 日
AN210998 teaches you how to design low-power CapSense® applications with PSoC® 4 devices. It also explains how to compute the power consumption for a CapSense application and provides hardware, firmware, and system-level guidelines to minimize power consumption.
2020 年 7 月 02 日
AN91184 shows how to design a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) application based on PSoC 4 BLE, using standard profiles defined by Bluetooth SIG available in the BLE Component in PSoC Creator. It shows how to build an application using the BLE Health Thermometer Profile using CY8CIT-042-BLE as an example.
2020 年 6 月 24 日
AN95089 guides you in selecting the external crystal oscillator (ECO) and watch crystal oscillator (WCO) for PSoC / PRoC BLE devices to achieve good RF performance. The AN gives insights into crystal basics and clock accuracy measurements. Cypress-recommended crystals and tuning techniques for optimum performance are also discussed.
2020 年 6 月 02 日
AN91267 introduces you to PSoC® 4 BLE, an ARM® Cortex™-M0 based Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) that integrates a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio system. This application note helps you explore the PSoC 4 BLE architecture and development tools and shows how easily you can create a BLE design using PSoC Creator™, the development tool for PSoC 4 BLE. It also guides you to more resources to accelerate in-depth learning about PSoC 4 BLE.
2020 年 6 月 02 日
AN97060 provides guidelines for implementation of the over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade feature for applications based on PSoC 4 / PRoC BLE devices. This application note briefly explains various OTA upgrade options and how customers can select the right option for their product. The application note also provides testing and troubleshooting details to help with the integration and deployment of the feature in the end product.
AN92584 teaches you how to design low-power applications with PSoC 4/PRoC BLE devices. It also guides you on how to compute the current consumption and battery life for a BLE application and provides tips and tricks to minimize the current consumption to increase battery life.
PRoC, BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wirless, PSoC Creator
AN96841 introduces you to Cypress’s EZ-BLE™ Creator family of Bluetooth Smart modules. EZ-BLE modules are fully qualified and certified Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions. EZ-BLE Modules provide a complete BLE solution, integrating a BLE radio system, two crystals, antenna, and passive components required for BLE operation. This application note helps you explore the EZ-BLE Module architecture and development tools and shows you how to create your first project with the EZ-BLE PRoC Module and PSoC Creator™, the development tool used for all EZ-BLE Modules. This application note also guides you to more resources to accelerate in-depth learning about the Cypress EZ-BLE solutions.
This application note describes the methodology for developing a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) application with PSoC 4 BLE or PRoC BLE devices using a custom BLE profile.
The PSoC® 4 CapSense® Design Guide shows how to design capacitive touch sensing applications with the PSoC 4 and PRoC BLE families of devices

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