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New Book Illustrates Easy, Fast Designs With PSoC Express™ Software | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

New Book Illustrates Easy, Fast Designs With PSoC Express™ Software

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"Beginner's Guide to PSoC Express" by Oliver Bailey Available at

McHENRY, Ill., 2007年6月15日 - The Beginner's Guide to PSoC Express, a new book written by Oliver H. Bailey and published by Timelines Industries (McHenry, Ill.), is now available. The book takes the reader step-by-step through designs with the PSoC Express™ visual embedded design tool, a code-free, easy-to-use design environment used for designing with the PSoC® mixed-signal array family from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY).

At 250 pages and 12 chapters, the book is aimed at students, hobbyists, and professional engineers. Topics include "Introduction to PSoC Express," "Thinking about Your Application the PSoC Express Way," "Using the PSoC Express Simulator," "How to Write 'Custom Code' the PSoC Express Way," and example projects using 7-segment LED displays, LCD displays, potentiometers, mechanical switches, wireless data transmission and reception, USB interfaces, and CapSense capacitive sensing user interfaces.

PSoC Express is a codeless visual design environment that generates "C" code in a hex programming file based on the user's graphical design entry of system inputs, outputs, communication interfaces and input-output relationships. PSoC Express allows debugging through graphical project simulation. The book begins with an overview of PSoC Express, followed by several projects developed and run in simulations. The book also includes a CD containing all software and example projects needed to complete designs using PSoC Express, including PSoC Express software, Eagle Layout Editor, Spice B5 simulation software (trial version), Watcom C/C++, and many extras.

"Oliver Bailey is one of the industry's most respected experts on embedded design," said Scott Harmel, vice president of Marketing for Cypress's Consumer and Computation Division. "This book offers an excellent overview and tutorial to new users of the PSoC Express design tool."

Oliver Bailey has been involved with the software and hardware industries for almost 30 years. A machine tool designer and mold maker by trade he entered the computer hardware and software development arena in the early days of computing. A participant in the development of many programs developed for the Radio Shack, Commodore, and early IBM-PC, over the years many of Mr. Bailey's products have won national and international awards.

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