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サイプレス、SuperSpeed USB3.0コントローラのUSB-IF認証を発表 | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

サイプレス、SuperSpeed USB3.0コントローラのUSB-IF認証を発表

最終更新日: 2012年1月6日

Empowering Product Developers Worldwide to “Super-Speed” Their Designs With USB-IF Certified Cypress USB 3.0 Solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif., 2011年1月6日 – Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: CY), the market leader in USB controllers, today announced USB-IF certification of its two SuperSpeed USB Peripheral Controllers: EZ-USB® FX3 (CYUSB3014) and West Bridge® Benicia (CYWB0263BB). Both of these peripheral controllers are in full production now.

EZ-USB FX3 is one of the first USB 3.0 peripheral controllers in the industry, and the only programmable solution. It is equipped with a fully configurable General Programmable Interface (GPIF™ II), which is 8/16/32 data bits wide with data rates as high as 400 MBps. GPIF II enables FX3 to interface directly to any processor, ASIC or FPGA. The GPIFTM Designer Tool kit helps system designers to configure the GPIF interface to their needs, and standard interfaces are provided as examples, including FIFO, SRAM, asynchronous and synchronous address/data multiplexed, parallel ATA and others. The on-chip ARM9 CPU core with 512KB RAM delivers 200 MIPS of computational power and is available for applications that require local data processing. Additionally, FX3 provides interfaces to connect to serial peripherals such as SPI, UART, I2C and I2S. In short, FX3 provides highly flexible and integrated features that enable developers to add USB 3.0 connectivity to any system.

West Bridge Benicia is a highly optimized data transfer offload engine that enables mobile devices to double the IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) performance, stream high definition video, “side-load” multimedia content up to 160 MBps and reduce battery charging time by 50% with increased charging currents up to 900mA.  Benicia employs the second generation Simultaneous Link to Independent Multimedia™ (SLIM™ II) architecture that manages multiple non-blocking paths among peripherals, memory and processor to allow maximum data throughput and power savings. Benicia features two storage ports supporting SD 3.0 and eMMC 4.41 that can be configured in RAID-0 to provide significant improvement in random and sequential read/write operations, two key indices which govern overall system performance and responsiveness. In addition, Benicia’s EZ-Detect automatically detects a wall charger or a USB hub/host port, providing portable devices flexibility for managing battery charging options.

“EZ-USB FX3 is analogous to a Swiss Army knife for designers; flexible, powerful and easy-to-implement. FX3 is being designed into a wide array of applications that require high-speed content, streaming and low power consumption, including video and USB sub-systems,” said Badri Kothandaraman, Executive Vice President, Data Communications Division at Cypress. “In addition to the blazing side-loading speeds enabling transfer of an HD movie in under a minute, West Bridge Benicia helps designers realize higher IOPS in tablets and smartphones, improving device performance and responsiveness. We are pleased that both these devices have received USB-IF certification, and we are confident they will expedite the adoption of SuperSpeed USB.”

“The USB-IF is pleased to certify Cypress’s SuperSpeed USB Controllers: EZ-USB® FX3 (CYUSB3014) and West Bridge Benicia (CYWB0263BB),” said Jeff Ravencraft, President and COO, USB-IF. “Cypress’s SuperSpeed USB controllers will help the expansion of the SuperSpeed USB ecosystem.” 

Both EZ-USB FX3 and West Bridge Benicia are in volume production now. FX3 is available in a small 121-ball BGA with dimensions of 10 mm x 10 mm x 1.2 mm with 0.8-mm pitch, Benicia is available in an ultra-compact 131-ball WLCSP package with dimensions of 5.099 mm x 4.695 mm x 0.55 mm with 0.4-mm pitch.
Cypress will be participating in the USB Tech Zone at CES 2012. The USB Tech Zone is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall 3, Booth #30769. Demos showcasing the performance of EZ-USB® FX3 and Benicia will be available at the USB Tech Zone booth as well as Las Vegas Hilton Suites 2410 and 2510 by appointment.

サイプレスは、マルチメディア端末の接続性と性能を向上させる高性能 West Bridge® ソリューションを含むUSB コントローラにおける世界のリーダです。サイプレスは、高パフォーマンス ミックスシグナルのプログラマブル ソリューションを提供し、製品化までの時間を短縮し、優れたシステム価値をもたらします。サイプレスが提供する製品には、フラッグシップであるPSoC® プログラマブル システム オン チップ ファミリや、その派生品で高電圧アプリケーションおよび LED 照明アプリケーション向けの PowerPSoC® ソリューションCapSense® タッチセンシング、タッチスクリーン向けの TrueTouch™ ソリューションなどがあります。サイプレスは、高性能メモリおよびプログラマブルなタイミング デバイスにおいても市場でのリーダです。サイプレスは、消費者向け製品、携帯機器、コンピュータ、データ通信、自動車、工業用、軍事用といった多くの市場に製品を提供しています。Cypress trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol CY. Visit Cypress online at

About SuperSpeed USB
SuperSpeed USB brings significant performance enhancements to the ubiquitous USB standard, while remaining compatible with the billions of USB-enabled devices currently deployed in the market. SuperSpeed USB delivers up to 10x the data transfer rate of Hi-Speed USB, as well as improved power efficiency. SuperSpeed USB offers effortless video streaming, music, photos at your home, office, car and anywhere in between. The USB 3.0 specification was developed by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which consists of Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Renesas Electronics, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments.

About the USB-IF
The non-profit USB Implementers Forum, Inc. was formed to provide a support organization and forum for the advancement and adoption of USB technology. USB-IF facilitates the development of high-quality, compatible USB devices through its logo and compliance program recognized around the globe and promotes the benefits of USB and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing. Further information, including postings of the most recent product and technology announcements, is available by visiting the USB-IF website at

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