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Cypress is committed to the prevention of pollution and continual improvement of its environmental systems and controls. We have certified our USA and Philippines manufacturing locations for ISO 14001. We are also committed to pollution prevention because it is smart business. This is good for our investors, our employees, and our communities.

Cypress has a group of dedicated employees for environmental protection. The team is led by the Corporate Environmental, Health, Safety, & Risk Manager. Other team members include the site EHS Managers or Environmental Engineers. Each site also has individuals in other departments (such as facilities) who are responsible for daily environmental tasks and controls. These individuals are well-trained, and most are members of the local emergency response teams (ERT).

Cypress is committed to complying with all environmental regulations. Each site has dedicated EHS staff to manage the specific site programs and each site is audited at least every two years for compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations. We also maintain compliance calendars to ensure all requirements are met. Additionally, site EHS staff perform quarterly regulatory reviews to ensure any new requirements are identified and incorporated into the environmental programs.

ISO 14001, created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is a standard designed to produce globally accepted systems for environmental management. It is a voluntary program similar to ISO 9000 (a series of standards developed in the 1980s to assist in implementing a quality management system). Adherence to the ISO 14001 standard ensures that systems are in place to identify a facility's impacts on the environment and to minimize these impacts when feasible. It measures the conformance of a facility's Environmental Management System (EMS) to specific requirements, but remains flexible so that companies can integrate their own business goals into their EMS.

Cypress has certified all four of its manufacturing sites to ISO 14001. The EMS/ISO-14001 programs are audited on an annual basis by a third-party certification agency. The current ISO 14001 certificates can be viewed at

Cypress is committed to reducing pollution that may result from manufacturing operations and other business activities. Cypress created pollution prevention teams at their manufacturing sites to identify opportunities and implement strategies to reduce our environmental footprint.

Cypress has a group of employees charged with the responsibility of first response to emergencies that affect personnel safety, property, and the environment. The ERT is comprised of members who are trained to handle specific types of incidents.

The primary duty of the ERT is to ensure the safety of all Cypress employees, prevent environmental damage, minimize damage to property and product, and ensure coordinated response with local authorities.

Cypress partners with government, industry, and environmental organizations to improve our environmental performance. We also support local environmental groups by our membership and participation.

Our Philippines plant also participates in local clean-up efforts and has contributed numerous hours to clean-up activities at Biclatan Creek near the plant in Cavite, Philippines.

Biclatan Creek Clean-up Project

The Cypress roadmap to lead-free package products demonstrates our commitment to provide leadership in lead-free packaging.  Lead (Pb) as an alloying compound in solder has resulted in environmental concerns due to toxicity.  Therefore, various legislations to ban lead are being driven worldwide. European Council Directive on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) proposes restrictions on the use of lead in electronic products by July 2006.

The US EPA announced on 1999年7月29日 a proposed rule to drastically lower reporting thresholds for lead and lead compounds to the Toxic Release Inventory from 10,000 lbs to 10 lbs. Cypress is committed to working with its customers to offer lead-free packaging solutions. There are several options in approaching lead-free finish packaging.  For instance, Cypress subcontractors are offering tin-based Pb-free finish while Cypress in-house manufacturing offers Ni-Pd-Au-based leadframe finish solutions.

Cypress is also dedicated to becoming a Sony Green Partner. Sony designates suppliers that cooperate in the production of environmentally sensitive products, as Green Partners. Sony established the Sony Green Partner Standards in July 2001 to encourage suppliers to implement their own environmental management systems. Under this program, Sony auditors visit suppliers to check environmental management activities. If suppliers meet Sony's standards, they qualify as Green Partners. For more information, see Sony's web site on Green Partners.