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USB-Serial Software Development Kit | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

USB-Serial Software Development Kit

2016 年 6 月 02 日
Cypress delivers the complete library and driver stack for USB-Serial Bridge Controller devices, in order to easily integrate USB interface into any embedded application. The Software Development Kit (SDK) comes with configuration tool (Windows only), drivers (Windows only), libraries and application examples. 
In CDC mode (CDC device class) the device will come up as Virtual COM Port (VCP) device. Native APIs can be used to access the device in CDC mode for all the OS. In Vendor mode, the device enumerates as a USB device and is accessed using the Cypress provided library (for all OS).
For Linux and OS-X, there are no installation steps necessary to use products with USB ports powered by Cypress’ USB-Serial products. Linux and OS-X does not need separate driver or library in CDC device class operation. Please use native Serial communication API's for accessing the CDC mode device. There is no special driver needed for Vendor mode device operation in Linux and OS-X. Please refer to API documentation for accessing device using Cypress provided library.
For Android, the user must have root access to use the Cypress library. 
The SDK installation package and zip files of individual components are available below for download.  Please contact if you need further information on this product.
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