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Sense and Control Dashboard v2.0.39 | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Sense and Control Dashboard v2.0.39

2011 年 7 月 12 日

The new Sense and Control Dashboard 2.0 (SCD 2.0) provides new and exciting feature additions over version 1.0. Support for actuator control is now integrated in SCD 2.0, whereby a single CyFi network can have both sensors and actuators. Actuator control can be based on sensor readings, and relationships between sensors and actuators can be created using simple Python scripting. In addition, SCD 2.0 includes improved graphing capability, improved alarm displays, and a new and improved user interface. SCD 2.0 works seamlessly with existing CyFi hardware, including the CY3271, CY3271-RFBOARD and CY3271-EXP1 kits.

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