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CY4533 EZ-PD™ BCR Evaluation Kit | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

CY4533 EZ-PD™ BCR Evaluation Kit

2020 年 6 月 19 日

The CY4533 EZ-PD™ Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) Evaluation Kit (EVK) is based on the BCR product in Cypress’ USB Type-C and Power Delivery controllers. This EVK is intended to be an evaluation vehicle for applications that would want to consume power over a USB Type-C Connector. A device, such as a speaker, shaver, power tools, modem etc. that use a barrel connector for power will benefit from using a universal power interface such as USB Type-C. To make the transition easier, the CY4533 EVK provides a USB Type-C receptacle to consume power from a charger and then supply it over a terminal block. A barrel connector can be attached to this block using wires to convert a barrel input to USB Type-C. 


  • CY4533 EZ-PD BCR EVK Board
  • クイック スタート ガイド

CY4533 - EZ-PD Barrel Connector Replacement Kit