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CY3274 Programmable High Voltage Powerline Communication Development Kit | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

CY3274 Programmable High Voltage Powerline Communication Development Kit

2019 年 6 月 26 日

This development kit is for High voltage development kit for CY8CPLC20 and works with Voltage (110-240V AC) power lines. It has RJ45 connector to use with ICE debugger, RS232- COM port for communication and header for attaching LCD card.

High Voltage Powerline Development Kit Image (CY3274)

The CY3274 Programmable High Voltage Powerline Communication Development Kit is a tool to do system design using the ability of the CY8CPLC20 devices to transmit data up to 2400 bps over High Voltage (110V-240V AC) Powerlines. This kit is compliant with FCC(North America) and CENELEC (Europe) standards.


注: Cypress recommends that a user purchases two CY3274 kits to setup a two-node PLC subsystem for evaluation and development. Run PLC Control Panel GUI as Administrator in Windows 7.


  • User friendly PLC Control Panel Application available on kit CD
  • CY8CPLC20-OCD – 100-pin TQFP on-chip debug (OCD) device that allows quick design and debug of a PLC application. The CY8CPLC20 100-pin TQFP is available for debug purposed only. For production quantities, CY8CPLC20 is available in 28-pin SSOP and 48-pin QFN packages.
  • Chip power supply derived from 90V to 264V AC
  • User configurable general purpose LEDs
  • General purpose 8-bit DIP switch
  • On board surge protection and isolation circuit
  • RJ45 connector to use ICE debugger
  • RS232 COM port for communication
  • Header to attach LCD card
  • I2C header for communicating to external device
  • ISSP header for programming the CY8CPLC20



  • CY3274 Quick Start Guide
  • CY3274 PLC HV Development Board
  • CDs containing:
  • AC Power Cable
  • MiniProg1 to Program CY8CPLC20
  • 25 Jumper Wires
  • LCD Module
  • USB-I2C Bridge
  • Retractable USB Cable
  • Five CY8CPLC20-28PVXI Device Samples


Software Title 説明 Link
PSoC Designer This kit requires PSoC Designer for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming
Powerline Communcation PLC Contol Panel Application