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CY3210 - CY8C28XXX PSoC Evaluation Pod (EvalPod) | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

CY3210 - CY8C28XXX PSoC Evaluation Pod (EvalPod)

2018 年 1 月 29 日

PSoC Evaluation Pod Image (CY3210)

  • In-Circuit Emulation (ICE) Pod Compatible
  • Debugging capability
  • 28-pin DIP footprint
  • Easy connection to device pins
  • Standalone evaluation of CY8C28xxx PSoC device family


The low cost CY3210-28XXX Evaluation POD kit is designed to provide evaluation of the CY8C28XXX PSoC device family on any PSoC developer kit. It can also be connected to the PSoC ICE Cube (In-Circuit Emulator) for chip debugging purpose.


Kit Content:


  • One (1) CY8C28XXX PSoC EvalPod


PSoC EvalPods are 28-pin PDIP adapters that seamlessly connect any PSoC device to the 28-pin PDIP connector on any Cypress PSoC developer kit. The EvalPod can also function as a standalone PSoC device and programmed by the on board ISSP header. The top of the EvalPod has prototyping headers for easy connection to the devices pins.

For chip debugging, the EvalPods can be connected to the PSoC ICE Cube (In-Circuit Emulator) by a RJ45 cable and RJ45-to-ICE adapter module.

The RJ45 cable and RJ45-to-ICE adaptor are included with the CY3215-DK kit available form the Cypress Online Store at

PSoC ICE Cube Kit Image