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CYUSB3035: EZ-USB® FX3S SuperSpeed USB Controller | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

CYUSB3035: EZ-USB® FX3S SuperSpeed USB Controller


EZ-USB® FX3S SuperSpeed USB Controller


  • ユニバーサル シリアル バス(USB)統合
  • 汎用プログラマブルインターフェース(GPIF™ II)
  • Mass storage support
  • System I/O expansion with two secure digital I/O (SDIO) ports
  • Support for USB-attached storage (UAS), mass-storage class (MSC), human interface device (HID), full, and Turbo-MTP™
  • Fully accessible 32-bit CPU
  • 選択可能なクロック入力周波数
  • Ultra low-power in core power-down mode
  • Independent power domains for core and I/O
  • 10-mm × 10-mm, 0.8-mm pitch Pb-free ball grid array (BGA) package
  • EZ-USB® software and development kit (DVK) for easy code development
  • 詳しくは、PDFをご覧ください。 


Cypress’s EZ-USB FX3S is the next-generation USB 3.0 peripheral controller, providing integrated and flexible features. FX3S has a fully configurable, parallel, general programmable interface called GPIF II, which can connect to any processor, ASIC, or FPGA. GPIF IIは、 サイプレスの主力USB 2.0製品であるFX2LPのGPIF拡張バージョンです。It provides easy and glueless connectivity to popular interfaces, such as  asynchronous SRAM, asynchronous and synchronous address data multiplexed interfaces, and parallel ATA.

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