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CY14B116K, CY14B116M: 16-Mbit (2048 K × 8/1024 K × 16) nvSRAM with Real Time Clock | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

CY14B116K, CY14B116M: 16-Mbit (2048 K × 8/1024 K × 16) nvSRAM with Real Time Clock

2020 年 11 月 04 日


  • 16-Mbit nonvolatile static random access memory (nvSRAM)
    • 25-ns and 45-ns access times
    • Internally organized as 2048 K × 8 (CY14B116K), 1024 K × 16 (CY14B116M)
    • Hands-off automatic STORE on power-down with only a small capacitor

      STORE to QuantumTrap nonvolatile elements is initiated by software, device pin, or AutoStore on power-down
    • SRAMへのRECALL処理はソフトウェアまたは電源オンで実行
  • 高い信頼性
    • 回数に制限のないリード、ライト、RECALL サイクル
    • QuantumTrap に対する 100 万回の STORE サイクル
    • データ保存期間: 20 年
  • Sleep mode operation
  • Full-featured real time clock (RTC)
    • ウォッチドッグタイマ
    • プログラマブル割り込みクロックアラーム
    • Backup power fail indication
    • Square wave output with programmable frequency (1 Hz, 512 Hz, 4096 Hz, 32.768 kHz)
    • RTC コンデンサまたはバックアップバッテリ
    • Backup current of 0.45 μA (typical)
  • 低消費電力
    • Active current of 75 mA at 45 ns
    • Standby mode current of 750 μA
    • Sleep mode current of 10 μA
  • Operating voltage: VCC = 2.7 V to 3.6 V
  • Industrial temperature: –40℃~+85℃
  • Packages
    • 44-pin thin small-outline package (TSOP II)
    • 54-pin thin small-outline package (TSOP II)
    • 165-ball fine-pitch ball grid array (FBGA) package
  • Restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) compliant


The Cypress CY14B116K/CY14B116M combines a 16-Mbit nvSRAM with a full-featured RTC in a monolithic integrated circuit. The nvSRAM is a fast SRAM with a nonvolatile element in each memory cell. メモリは、2048 K x 8 ビットまたは 1024 K ワード x 16 ビットで編成されています。The embedded nonvolatile elements incorporate the QuantumTrap technology, producing the world’s most reliable nonvolatile memory. The SRAM can be read and written an infinite number of times. The nonvolatile data residing in the nonvolatile elements do not change when data is written to the SRAM. Data transfers from the SRAM to the nonvolatile elements (the STORE operation) takes place automatically at power-down. On power-up, data is restored to the SRAM (the RECALL operation) from the nonvolatile memory. Both the STORE and RECALL operations are also available under software control.

The RTC function provides an accurate clock with leap year tracking and a programmable, high-accuracy oscillator. The alarm function is programmable for periodic minutes, hours, days, or months alarms. There is also a programmable watchdog timer.

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