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PSoC 4 Programmable Voltage Reference (PVref_P4) | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

PSoC 4 Programmable Voltage Reference (PVref_P4)

2020 年 6 月 26 日


  • Reference is based on either Bandgap or Vdda
  • Each instantiation may be a different value
  • Adjustable by 1/16 steps between Vss and Bandgap or Vdda
  • Up to four individual references
  • References may be changed during runtime 


The PSoC 4 Programmable Voltage Reference (PVref_P4) component provides an adjustable stable reference voltage for the analog resources in your design. Each component provides a voltage reference that is based on either Vdda or the Bandgap voltage in 1/16 increments. This reference may be connected to any high impedance input such as the input to an opamp or comparator and cannot be routed to a GPIO unless it is buffered with an opamp.