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AN2094 - PSoC® 1 - Getting Started with GPIO | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

AN2094 - PSoC® 1 - Getting Started with GPIO

2021 年 3 月 02 日

AN2094 discusses relevant topics on general-purpose input and output (GPIO) such as drive modes, shadow registers, and GPIO interrupts to get started with PSoC® 1 GPIOs. This document also provides a few tips and briefs of the other resources associated with PSoC 1 GPIOs.

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The general-purpose input and output (GPIO) is a very critical part of any microcontroller unit (MCU) as it forms the bridge between the external world and the MCU. The type and nature of this external world bridge depends on the end application. For instance, an ADC requires a GPIO to be an analog pin, whereas an I2C or SPI digital communication block requires the same GPIO to be digital. To set up this external world bridge, you need to know the end application and the GPIO system of the MCU that is used. PSoC, like any other controller, has its own GPIO system. This application note discusses the application-specific parameters of the GPIO system. A detailed technical overview of the system is available in the General Purpose I/O chapter of the PSoC Core section in the respective device TRM. 

Gpio Cell Structure


サポートされているハードウェアとソフトウェア サポートされているPSoC 1デバイス
PSoC Designerバージョン









はい 5.4 CY3210-PSoCEVAL1 x34 x23, x34


  x23A, x94 x43 x x66






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