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WICED Studio 4.0: Add Wireless Connectivity To Your PSoC-based IoT Designs | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

WICED Studio 4.0: Add Wireless Connectivity To Your PSoC-based IoT Designs

Cypress acquired the Broadcom® wireless IoT business with Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth product lines in July, 2016. These new products enable you to add wireless connectivity to your PSoC-based IoT designs.

If you are wondering why you do not see these products in the PSoC Creator IDE, its because the new wireless products use the WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) SDK and associated IDE.

At Electronica, Germany this month Cypress announced the new WICED Studio 4.0 IDE, the industry's most integrated SDK for IoT with support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products.

WICED Studio 4.0

Benefits/features of the SDK are:

  • Runs on Windows®, Mac® OS X®, and Linux® through Eclipse®-based integrated development environment (IDE) 
  • Single installer package with support for:
    • ​Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo solution
    • Wi-Fi solutions
    • Bluetooth (Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate and Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Sample applications for many popular use cases like
    • Connecting to cloud services
    • Audio-over-Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
    • Low-power Bluetooth Low Energy-based sensors and beacons
    • Smart home gateways
  • Code snippets to understand WICED APIs
  • Applications for manufacturing and certification

The SDK supports platforms using:

  • Wi-Fi SoCs (like BCM43364)
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo SoCs (like BCM43340)
  • ​Wi-Fi + Host MCU SoCs (like the new BCM43907)
  • New Bluetooth dual-mode SoC BCM20706A2 and the ultra-low-power, Bluetooth + MCU SoC BCM20719 that is scheduled for release soon

Work with a Cypress sales/distribution representative to choose your IoT platform and use the Cypress WICED community to get access to the WICED SDKs today!

注: Cypress has several flavors of the WICED SDK (like WICED Studio, WICED Smart and WICED Wi-Fi), each supporting different platforms. Contact your local Cypress sales representative/distributor or search the Cypress WICED Community to identify the right WICED SDK for your application.



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