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Wearables Study: Broadcom Ranks Among Top 10 Influencers | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Wearables Study: Broadcom Ranks Among Top 10 Influencers

With all the buzz about this new category of “wearable” technology — the hundreds of new devices that can monitor, collect, and analyze biometric data and sync with smart devices — Broadcom is starting to be recognized as a standout among the industry’s movers and shakers.

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That’s according to a study released this week by marketing research firm Appinions, which analyzed the companies, executives, media coverage and analysis of this new, emerging device category. The study ranked Broadcom on the Top 10 list of companies driving the wearables market.

In addition, the study also named Broadcom Chief Executive Scott McGregor as one of the top industry influencers on wearable devices.

Appinion’s study analyzed “brands, products, media and executives that are driving conversations about wearable devices” and drilled down into “key products associated with wearable devices,” such as watches, glasses, and health and fitness products.

Broadcom has been promoting its own involvement in the wearables space by generating some buzz around its connectivity offerings and the remarkable innovation that’s expected among small startups and tech titans alike in this explosive new device category.

This past summer, McGregor hosted an event in San Francisco to showcase some of the emerging wearables categories and offer some insight around the market to journalists and analysts. In addition, company executives are talking about the potential for innovation in wearables and how connectivity technologies such as Near Field Communication, 5G WiFi and Broadcom’s WICED are enabling new product categories.

McGregor also penned a blog post earlier this year that examined the landscape of the wearables market and its potential to redefine how different types of devices connect to and interact with each other. Brian Bedrosian, a senior director in Broadcom’s Mobile and Wireless Group, also chimed in on the blog recently to explain how peer-to-peer networking and Wi-Fi Direct technology are impacting connectivity options for wearables.

The company also commissioned an infographic (above) to highlight the current state of the market and offer some insight as to where it’s headed.

The Appinions study was developed in conjunction with Red Consultancy for last month’s RedTechTalk in London. Slides that show the results of the full study can be found here. 

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