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Quick! Back EagleSoC on Kickstarter to get a Powerful Cortex-M3 Development Kit | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Quick! Back EagleSoC on Kickstarter to get a Powerful Cortex-M3 Development Kit

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Time is running out. Don't miss the opportunity to get an EagleSoC development kit featuring a Cortex-M3 PSoC 5LP device.

posted about this a couple of weeks ago and there is still time to back the kickstarter project. Here are the creators, explaining a little more about the kit.

The kits provide isolated analog and digital power domains so they are a great way to learn about Cortex-M, analog signal processing, and embedded systems programming in general. There is also a free software package called EZ-PSoC Library, which makes the job of interacting with device peripherals really simple.

I think these kits are great and so, if you're looking for a powerful but low-cost development kit with an 80MHz Arm device, don't wait too long and miss this opportunity!



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