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PSoC Creator 4.2 Beta 2 Available Now! | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

PSoC Creator 4.2 Beta 2 Available Now!

!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

And, to keep the festive spirit going just a little longer, here's a new release of PSoC Creator that includes a new Peripheral Driver Library (PDL 3.0.1) with more drivers for PSoC 6.

Note that the software is a beta release so you will not get an automatic update/install reminder (download it using the link above). There are some minor enhancements and defect fixes but the main additions are very focused on the PSoC 6 architecture. If you have one of the CY8CKIT-062 kits then you really should download this immediately because it is a significant update on the Beta 1 software we released in September.

If you are actively working on PSoC 3, 4, or 5LP projects, though, you should keep using the production-quality PSoC Creator 4.1 software and wait a few more weeks for the final release of 4.2. You can still install 4.2 and try it out of course, because it gets installed alongside (rather than replacing) your existing software.

Not sure if the software is for you? Take a quick look through the release notes for more detail on what's new and changed.



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