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プロジェクト番号006: Bluetooth Low Energy Central with Immediate Alert Service | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

プロジェクト番号006: Bluetooth Low Energy Central with Immediate Alert Service

In previous examples we've used the Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit as a GAP Peripheral device, that will connect to a mobile phone or the CySmart USB Dongle acting as the GAP Central device.

In today's project, we demonstrate how to use the BLE Pioneer Kit to implement a Bluetooth Low Energy GAP Central device. This is useful for cases where the end-application does not connect to a mobile phone, but instead to another embedded controller with Bluetooth Low Energy.

Accordingly, the respective GAP roles are also reversed - the Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit now acts as the GATT Client, whereas the CySmart USB Dongle acts as the GATT Server.

The project implements a GAP Central device running the Immediate Alert Service. It can write the Alert Level Characteristic to a Peripheral device. Pressing a button on the kit will cause it to connect to the dongle, and the LED on the kit turns to Blue to indicate a successful connection.

One way to think about this project is that its similar to the example in Project #001: BLE Find Me, but with the roles on kit and the dongle reversed.


You can download this PSoC Creator project along with a detailed PDF from GitHub here:


      Project Screen Inage



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Thanks for all these projects first off I am very impressed!! Regarding this particular project I was trying to understand how PSoC Creator determines which device is being targeted for programming. I realize the Dongle has a different end PSoC BLE device selected but imagine I had 2 PSOC 4 BLE Kits plugged into a PC. How do I dictate which board is being targeted for being programmed? I have a need to expand on this project with a BLE Peripheral and a Client and would be very useful if there is a means to determine which one is actually being programmed/debugged. Is it possible to have 2 board actively being Debugged?

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First off Thanks for all the projects!! Quite impressive in assisting someone getting up and running with these devices. My question is how does the PSoC Creator know which 'target' is being programmed, Dongle or PSOC 4 Pioneer board? I tried to see if there was some sort of Serial port being defined or set somehow in the project settings and did not find anything. I have a need to expand this project for a peripheral & client and would like to have 2 Pioneer kits plugged into a PC and need to be able to distinguish which one is being programmed/debugged. Secondly is it possible to have 2 targets being Debugged at the same time or only 1?

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How many peripherals can a central connect to? 

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このサイトに掲示されているすべてのコンテンツと資料は、「そのままの状態」で提供されます。サイプレス セミコンダクタとその関連サプライヤは、これらの資料について、いかなる目的への適合性をも表明することはありません。また、これらの資料について、すべての保証や条件を放棄します。これには、暗示的な保証および条件、商用性、特定の目的への適合性、すべてのサードパーティの知的財産権に対する権利と非侵害などが含まれますが、これらに制限されることはありません。サイプレス セミコンダクタにより、明示または暗示にかかわらず、禁反言などによるライセンスは、付与されないものとします。このサイトに掲示されている情報の使用には、サードパーティまたはサイプレス セミコンダクタからのライセンスが必要となる場合があります。

このサイトのコンテンツには、特定のガイドラインや使用制限が含まれている場合があります。このサイトにおけるすべての掲示やコンテンツの使用は、サイトの利用規約に準じて行われるものとします。このコンテンツを使用するサードパーティは、制限やガイドラインに従い、このサイトの利用規約を遵守するものとします。サイプレス セミコンダクタとそのサプライヤは、コンテンツや資料、その製品、プログラム、サービスに対し、いつでも修正、削除、変更、改善、向上、その他の変更を加える権利を有します。また、いかなるコンテンツ、製品、プログラム、サービスを予告なく変更または閉鎖する権利を有します。