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New 8Mb and 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM sampling now | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

New 8Mb and 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM sampling now

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, industrial automation systems are capturing, moving, and processing more data to the edge of the network than ever before. These systems now require high-endurance, high-performing, and higher density memories that enable real-time machine management and reduce downtime through predicted maintenance.

Infineon’s new 8Mb and 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM memories extend the ultra-low-power operation, high-speed interfaces, and instant non-volatility advantages of our Excelon™ F-RAM family to higher densities. The new 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM is the industry’s highest density serial non-volatile RAM and the highest density F-RAM on the market. With an efficient low pin count and high-speed Quad SPI interface operating at 108-MHz, our new F-RAM densities offer up to 54MB per second of data throughput – as fast as a parallel interface SRAM with 35ns burst access time. Now, designers can take advantage of fast write speeds, high-endurance, and higher densities to reliably capture additional data without choosing between high-performance and lower pin count.


Many industrial systems currently use a 16Mb parallel asynchronous low-power SRAM backed-up with a battery. With our 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM, you can eliminate the battery from your system and even remove periodical maintenance costs for battery replacement and upkeep. Unlike battery-backed SRAMs, Excelon™ F-RAM ensures “zero data at risk” by instantly storing data to the non-volatile memory on system power loss, without external power back-up.


The 16Mb Excelon™ LP F-RAM also offers multiple low-power modes for energy-efficient operation, controlling start-up surge currents that typically limit system battery life. Combine Infineon’s PSoC® 6 MCU with an Excelon™ LP F-RAM for an ultra-low-power system ideal for portable, battery-operated, and smart IoT devices that record immense amounts of telemetry data.

Other applications, like electronic gaming machines, require reliable data-logging memory with sufficient density and extremely fast, real-time data capture to prevent game, player, and financial data loss during power failure. 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAMs now offer enough non-volatile memory storage, transact up to 54MB per second of data throughput in a fast serial interface, and support over 100-trillion read/write cycles of endurance for higher reliability, making them a perfect match for applications like these.

Automotive event data recorders also need a higher density data-logging memory with enough endurance to continuously capture real-time vehicular data, like speed, mileage, and location, over its lifetime and up to the last second in a crash. Excelon™ Auto F-RAMs can offer up to 16Mb of non-volatile memory storage, fast writes at bus speeds, support for harsh automotive operating conditions, and provide AEC-Q100 Grade II and functional safety qualified memory components.


With our new higher densities, >100-trillion cycles of endurance, and ultra-low standby and hibernate currents that are lower than competing EEPROM and NOR Flash devices, Infineon’s Excelon™ F-RAM solves many key battery, memory, and endurance problems that manufacturers face today. Learn more about our Excelon F-RAM memory family here.


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