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Mbed OS 5.14 released with PSoC 64 Secure MCU support | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Mbed OS 5.14 released with PSoC 64 Secure MCU support

Arm announced a release of Mbed OS today - version 5.14 - and also announced that "engineering focus has shifted from feature development toward feature refinement and optimizations that will improve your developer experience". I think that's a key step in the maturation process for Mbed and demonstrates that it has become a major player among IoT software platforms.

The big, juicy Cypress news is that it includes announces our PSoC 64 product line as the first dual-core v7-M implementation of Arm’s Platform Security Architecture (PSA).

We also added support for our CY8CPROTO-064-SB kit, featuring the CYB06447BZI-D54 secure microcontroller, to back that up and enable you to prototype and design with this unique new device. Like all of our kits it comes with an attached "KitProg" programmer/debugger (implemented on another PSoC device - of course) so you just connect the (provided) USB cable to your computer and start working.

In case you want to dive into all the changes we made, here's a list of Cypress pull requests for 5.14.

11104 Enterprise Security Feature

11018 Initial CY8CPROTO-064-SB

10980 LwIP: make TCPIP_THREAD_PRIO configurable

11046 Crypto HW for mbedtls

11339 AutoIP fixes in LwIP for Bonjour Conformance Test (BCT)

11296 Fix missing offset in TBStore read from flash

11298 Explicitly set rbp_internal_size for TARGET_PSOC6

11318 Fix typos in comments

11319 Update WHD to 1.30.0

11322 Updated the LWIP buffer pool size for PSoC6

11324 Update CSP to latest

11326 Update PDL for Cypress Targets

11338 Bring down interface when stopping softap by cydriftcloud

11353 Add reserved resources metadata to Cypress BSPs

11354 Update linker scripts based on latest PDL 1.3

11355 Initial support for Serial Flash on PSoC Devices

11356 Fix WHD link state change event handling

11369 Specify QSPI frequency for more Cypress targets

11376 Update PDL documentation and metadata


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