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Just Released – ModusToolbox AnyCloud 1.0 | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Just Released – ModusToolbox AnyCloud 1.0

Back in January we announced Wi-Fi Support added to PSoC 6 SDK. People really enjoyed using that first set of libraries. Today, we are expanding the available features and releasing a whole new Wi-Fi solution – AnyCloud. For release 1.0, AnyCloud adds several great new features, described below, and we have started a brand new ModusToolbox AnyCloud community where we shall be posting helpful ideas, answering questions and cool success stories.

AnyCloud Wireless Connection Manager (WCM)

The WCM makes Wi-Fi connections easier and more reliable. Firstly, it implements WPS to simplify the secure connection of a device to access points (AP). This enables applications to store the credentials in non-volatile memory so that future connections are just automatic whenever the AP is available. Secondly, it provides a monitoring service to detect problems and keep connections alive, improving the reliability of your products and leaving you free to work on the important stuff - your application.

AnyCloud Secure Socket API

Networking software is tricky. Secure networking software is really tricky! So we have created a secure socket API that makes it all much easier. The AnyCloud core library already includes Mbed TLS to enable the creation of secure connections but, with the addition of our secure sockets library that abstracts away a lot of the TLS complexity, you can now build secure applications without having to earn a degree in cryptography first!

Over-The-Air (OTA) Bootloading over MQTT

The AnyCloud OTA toolkit is a highly extensible solution that can be modified to work with any third-party or custom IoT device management software. A well-crafted code example demonstrates a simple OTA download over MQTT from a Mosquitto broker. It also shows off safe application upgrades with the industry standard MCUboot secure bootloader Together, they show how to rapidly create efficient and reliable OTA schemes that perfectly match the needs of your cloud solution.

Low Power Assistant (LPA)

LPA is a library and associated configurator that allow you to configure a PSoC 6 Host and WLAN (Wi-Fi / BT Radio) device for optimized low-power operation. The lpa library provides an API for the application to set up the connectivity device behavior and the Device Configurator generates the code to make using that API as easy as possible. With LPA you can achieve the most aggressive power budgets by placing the host device into sleep or deepsleep modes while networks are quiet or handling traffic that can be handled on the connectivity device.

  • Automatic host wakeup on a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth event
  • Reduced broadcast traffic with ARP offload
  • Selected Wi-Fi packet filtering

Bluetooth Low Energy

In addition to the great Wi-Fi support in AnyCloud, you can now use the Bluetooth LE functionality in the 43xxx combo device to implement a network provisioner. Our carefully designed and well documented code example shows you how to safely and quickly connect a wireless device to a Wi-Fi network using Bluetooth Low Energy to select the network and enter the password.

For more information - check out the WELCOME message the new AnyCloud community!


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