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CES Keynote: Innovating in the Internet of Things

LAS VEGAS — Just as the International Consumer Electronics Show is focused on offering some insight into the technology trends of the year ahead, the opening keynote speech has become a barometer of sorts for the state of the industry.

Each year, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, kicks off the show with some projections for the year.

This year, he said consumer electronic sales are expected to grow from $216 billion in 2014 to an estimated $223 billion in 2015.

That growth will largely be driven by sales of 4K TVs, 3D printing, and wearable devices, Shapiro said.

What’s different this year is that the innovation that has defined CES in the past could be coming from new sources this year. It’s the influencers – from analysts to consumers themselves – who will be instrumental in determining the path of the industry’s growth.

The CEA predicts that as more devices become connected to each other, they can offer a richer, more personalized experience for consumers. We could start to see things like smart lamps that can read the mood in a room and can change their settings accordingly. These predictive recommendations not only improve the user experience, but can open doors to new markets.

Automobile manufacturers are taking this a step further with connected cars. Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Officer Mark Fields shared the stage with Shapiro and addressed the next steps for IoT within the auto industry.

Not only is there now a demand for smart cars, he said, but there is also an increasing demand for smart roads and smart cities that can all interact with one another. Cars create a massive amount of data and car manufacturers aim to utilize this data to map out roads and create services that improve the customer experience. Fields calls this “the big data drive.”

Increasingly, large companies are starting to recognize that the best way to utilize changing technology is to open the collaboration process to outside programmers, similarly to what Broadcom has done with the developer community.

Through its WICED™ Sense platform, Broadcom is reaching out to developers by giving aspiring gadget makers the tools they need to rapidly prototype connected devices.

Already, through a flurry of products, developers are embracing the tools that empower them, creating a new lineup of products that are drawing plenty of attention on the CES show floor and, eventually, could begin to resonate with consumers.

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