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Available Now - ModusToolbox 2.1 | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Available Now - ModusToolbox 2.1

The 2.1 release of ModusToolbox is now available and can be downloaded from the product home page. The release includes a bunch of improvements to the tools package. Check out the "What's New" tab on the home page for the full list.

I am particularly happy to see that we have made it possible to use just about any IDE or debugger worthy of the name! ModusToolbox 2.0 included the Eclipse-based ModusToolbox IDE (now renamed Eclipse for ModusToolbox) and beta support for IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm (EW-ARM). The generation of IAR Project Connection files (.IPCF) is now production-ready so you can reliably export PSoC 6 projects into EW-ARM with a single command - "make ewarm8".

Building on that base, we have added support for Arm Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK) and Microsoft Visual Studio Code. The MDK export works very much like the project connection method except it uses the CMSIS Pack technology. The command "make uvision5 TOOLCHAIN=ARM" generates GPDSC and CPDSC files for Arm Compiler v6 (GNU compilation is also supported). A simple double-click on the CPDSC file is all you need to create a uVision project that you can set up to use your preferred debug tools, like ULINK2, UINK Pro, CMSIS-DAP or KitProg3. My favorite part of this integration is how easy it is to update the libraries because the CMSIS GPDSC file is really cool. If you need to add a library to your project using the Cypress library-manager, you just run the make uvision5 command again, to regenerate the file, and the uVision IDE spots the change and prompts you to update the project with the new files. It's fast, simple and fool-proof... so you can use your favorite IDE without compromising on features or convenience.

ModusToolbox project in Arm MDK uVision IDE

VS Code is an exciting new code editing environment from Microsoft that is rapidly becoming popular among embedded developers. Cypress assisted in the development of a Cortex-M debugging plug-in that transforms the editor into a powerful and intuitive IDE. The product is completely free and supports all host OS; you just install VS Code, add the C/C++ and Cortex-M plug-ins, then export your projects with the simple ModusToolbox “make vscode” command.

Arm Mbed OS project in Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE

This is an exciting new release of ModusToolbox and we are very proud of it. As everyone is aware, our work lives are difficult right now and so I want to publicly thank all our fabulous developers, testers, documenters, EVERYONE, who made this release happen. Even the managers !!! Everyone put in a stellar performance and the end result is truly great.

Download ModusToolbox 2.1 for Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® now!


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