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PSoC Creator 4.3 Available Now

We just released PSoC Creator 4.3. It is available for download from our web site now and our automatic update messages should be popping up on your screen at any moment. But don't wait - go get it now!


2020 年 2 月 21 日
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PSoC Creator 4.3 BETA Available Now!

We just made PSoC Creator 4.3 BETA available on With this release, PSoC Creator provides pre-production support for the PSoC 4500 devices. The new PSoC 4500 family contains two programmable analog sub-system (PASS) blocks for a very analog-rich chipset sporting two independent SAR ADCs and up to five Opamp/Comparator blocks.

2019 年 10 月 31 日
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Mbed OS 5.14 released with PSoC 64 Secure MCU support

Arm announced a release of Mbed OS today - version 5.14 - and also announced that "engineering focus has shifted from feature development toward feature refinement and optimizations that will improve your developer experience". I think that's a key step in

2019 年 9 月 26 日
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Digi-Key - Audio Sampling at 44.1kHz with PSoC 6

Here's another interesting post from Matt Mielke, over at Digi-Key. It's actually two posts and, together, they describe how to set up the PSoC 6 PDM-PCM converter in

2019 年 9 月 13 日
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Creating a Bluetooth LE Peripheral using ModusToolbox #5

It is time to take the final step in our week-long Bluetooth Low Energy adverture. Hopefully you have a working peripheral already. You should be able to send messages from your phone and have it send messages to you. OK, it's just a find me application and battery monitor right now, but those two things tell you a lot of what you need to know

2019 年 9 月 08 日
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Creating a Bluetooth LE Peripheral using ModusToolbox #4

If you followed along with yesterday's blog, you should have a working Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral today. You should be able to send commands from your phone to the peripheral with wild abandon.

2019 年 9 月 06 日
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Creating a Bluetooth LE Peripheral using ModusToolbox #3

Did you get your kit to connect? Could you connect and reconnect? Was it cool? Are you ready to make your device actually DO SOMETHING? Good idea - let's go!

Well, hang on a second, before we add a FindMe profile to the device I have one final thought on connections... if you ever find that you cannot connect from CySmart until you reset

2019 年 9 月 05 日
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Creating a Bluetooth LE Peripheral using ModusToolbox #2

Today, I am going to start the Bluetooth Low Energy part of this series of blogs. To do that I am going to configure my GATT database, include the Bluetooth Low Energy libraries, then launch the stack and start advertising so I can connect to the kit from my phone. If that sounds daunting... it's really not. The ModusToolbox software and tools

2019 年 9 月 04 日
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Creating a Bluetooth LE Peripheral using ModusToolbox #1

I recently got volunteered to take some internal engineers through the process of creating a Bluetooth LE peripheral using ModusToolbox. I figured I should share the learning with you because it's been a while since I wrote about making PSoC do interesting things. Who knows, maybe I'll make another robot dog one day? Preferably one that does

2019 年 9 月 03 日
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Using the CMSIS DSP Library in a ModusToolbox Project

Our friend, Matt Mielke at Dig-Key, just wrote a really good blog about

2019 年 8 月 09 日

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