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"My Home's Smarter Than Yours:" Touch-See-Talk Solutions Pave Way for Smarter Homes | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

"My Home's Smarter Than Yours:" Touch-See-Talk Solutions Pave Way for Smarter Homes

Throughout history, some people have battled within their social circles to own the biggest house on the block, with the best yard and most-extensive renovations in the nicest neighborhood. To have the biggest and best of these things somehow provides satisfaction to these individuals by proving that they have achieved more success in life than their peers.

For these people who prefer to feed this natural human tendency, the playing field may be shifting from “biggest” and “nicest” to smartest. In short, the idea of “Keeping Up with the Joneses” will eventually come down to who has the smarter house.

At Cypress, we like to say that our technology is “enabling cool,” because the broad array of connect, compute, and store technologies we offer that enable our customers to bring exciting new products to market. Most designers want their products to be game-changing for consumers, and our “Touch-See-Talk” capabilities enable them to do that.

Cypress’ “Touch” solutions include the industry’s leading touch-sensing user interface, CapSense, that is replacing mechanical buttons and knobs. Our “See” products include technology that helps people visually communicate, including MCUs that include drivers and graphics libraries for touch displays. Our “Talk” solutions include local speech processing that “smart” devices use for “listening.”

Bringing smart-home products to market is not easy, but here are four major challenges that Cypress can help you to overcome:

1) Setup and Maintenance – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has become the go-to radio for provisioning new wireless smart-home devices. Most people know how to connect their smartphone to another Bluetooth device, but Cypress makes connectivity even easier. Our Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chips for smart homes combine low-power Bluetooth Low Energy and best-in-class-Wi-Fi radios to connect anything to almost anything else. What’s more, we can help make setup and maintenance even easier for your customers with our Cirrent Zip Key Wi-Fi onboarding and network intelligence tool. 

2) Whole-Home Coverage – One of the most-common frustrations with in-home Wi-Fi is lack of whole-home coverage. This can be the result of Wi-Fi access point location, building materials in the home, or radio interference. Cypress’ dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi radios with beam-forming enable better whole-home coverage and efficient use of available bandwidth. Additionally, Cypress’ wireless IP has a very long history in smartphones, tablets, and access points and routers, meaning your product will have better interoperability and throughput vs. competing solutions.

3) Long Battery Life – Many smart-home products are battery powered, yet they rely on Wi-Fi for connecting to the cloud, and allowing users to access status remotely. Our newest Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chips and MCU offerings deliver best-in-class power efficiency, enabling longer battery life for your product, and reducing cost-of-ownership. For example, the “keep alive” feature in our wireless radios minimizes system battery consumption while keeping your product 100% connected.

4) Security – Perhaps the biggest concern for most connected-device developers is security. Fortunately, Cypress’ PSoC MCU family has a dual-core Arm architecture that includes an M0+ dedicated to security. With Cypress’ solution, you can keep your code locked down, and remove a secure-element chip from your design, saving board size and BOM costs. 

For more information about how Cypress’ Touch-See-Talk solutions can help you bring your smart home product to life, please CLICK HERE.

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