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Cirrent’s software help you deliver easy-to-use, reliable IoT products | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Cirrent’s software help you deliver easy-to-use, reliable IoT products

Customers expect their smart home products to be easy-to-use and reliable, but many products have problems once they are in customers’ homes. When a customer has to deal with a problematic product, they will either try to fix it themselves, call support or give up. None of those options leads to a good customer experience. In fact, 39% of negative product reviews are due to set up and connectivity.

Unfortunately, it is really difficult for a company to deliver a product that works well in all customer environments. Most companies have little to no visibility into their products’ network performance in customers’ homes despite taking measures to build great products. Even before shipping products, companies test them to make sure that they will perform well in different environments. Unfortunately testing in the lab and in field trials cannot catch all the problems.

"The real world is incredibly varied. There are thousands of routers, operating systems, phones and other devices exiting and entering a home. Building a connected product that works well in all environment is tough, which is why Cirrent built a solution to help," said Rob Conant, CEO of Cirrent.

Cirrent's IoT Network Intelligence solution gives you visibility into your products in the field, regardless of the environment.

If there is a problem with a product in the field, generally the first alert is when a customer calls into support for help. The customer support agent may then tell the engineering team who will embark on a weeks-long (sometimes months-long) investigation into figuring out the cause of the issue. It’s an inefficient and ineffective process.

With Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence, you have visibility into your products in the field and can see which of your products are having issues, instead of waiting for customers to call into support. You can see the scope of the problem - how many products are impacted vs. counting customer support calls that are complaining about the same issue. And you can diagnose the root cause of the problem on customer devices and validate the fix once deployed-- all via Cirrent’s console.

"Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence solution enables you to solve your network performance issues fast and efficiently. Cirrent’s goal is to help companies deliver the best connected products to your customers." said Rob Conant.

Companies leveraging Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence solution to build better products have devices deployed in 52 countries, using 186 different router models and 796 unique ISPs. Ensure your IoT products are easy-to-use and reliable with Cirrent’s help. Get started today by creating a free account and trying Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence solution.

このサイトに掲示されているすべてのコンテンツと資料は、「そのままの状態」で提供されます。サイプレス セミコンダクタとその関連サプライヤは、これらの資料について、いかなる目的への適合性をも表明することはありません。また、これらの資料について、すべての保証や条件を放棄します。これには、暗示的な保証および条件、商用性、特定の目的への適合性、すべてのサードパーティの知的財産権に対する権利と非侵害などが含まれますが、これらに制限されることはありません。サイプレス セミコンダクタにより、明示または暗示にかかわらず、禁反言などによるライセンスは、付与されないものとします。このサイトに掲示されている情報の使用には、サードパーティまたはサイプレス セミコンダクタからのライセンスが必要となる場合があります。

このサイトのコンテンツには、特定のガイドラインや使用制限が含まれている場合があります。このサイトにおけるすべての掲示やコンテンツの使用は、サイトの利用規約に準じて行われるものとします。このコンテンツを使用するサードパーティは、制限やガイドラインに従い、このサイトの利用規約を遵守するものとします。サイプレス セミコンダクタとそのサプライヤは、コンテンツや資料、その製品、プログラム、サービスに対し、いつでも修正、削除、変更、改善、向上、その他の変更を加える権利を有します。また、いかなるコンテンツ、製品、プログラム、サービスを予告なく変更または閉鎖する権利を有します。