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PSoC at the Robcup in Brazil? | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

PSoC at the Robcup in Brazil?

Italian Student Team to Travel to Brazil with PSoC-Powered Robot! (Maybe )

A student team from IISS Manetti Grossetto School in Italy has won third place with their PSoC 5-powered robot in the Rome Cup competition for soccer-playing robotics. This affords them an invitation to the Robocup 2014 in Brazil. There is one issue traveling money. The students have built a webpage at the INDIEGOGO crowd source funding site. If you want to help them make their way to Brazil for the contest and/or watch their robots on the pitch showing their soccer skills, visit: The students said they chose PSoC because of its "flexibility and abundance of resources."


RoboCup screeUserfiles/Imag

The IISS Manetti Grossetto School team with their two robot soccer players


RoboCup screeUserfiles/Imag

The robots' PC board featuring PSoC 5



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