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Cypress Wraps Up 2016 Tradeshow and Events Tour at Electronica 2016 | サイプレス セミコンダクタ

Cypress Wraps Up 2016 Tradeshow and Events Tour at Electronica 2016

It’s been an exciting year for technology tradeshows and events. In one year, we jetted off to multiple tradeshows, conferences and events around the world to bring the latest Cypress innovations directly to the hands of our global family of partners, customers, engineers and DIY enthusiasts. On Nov. 7, after a jam-packed lineup of shows this year, we headed to Electronica in Munich to officially wrap up our 2016 tour and demo our ever-growing portfolio. The show is one of the largest electronics events and showcases the latest technology contributions from the industry’s leaders from all around the world.

CEO Hassane El-Khoury joined us at the show and mingled with Cypress tech enthusiasts and met with our customers, distributors and partners to discuss his vision for the future of the company and the role that Cypress will continue to play in the automotive, IoT and industrial markets.

During an interview with, Hassane discussed his impressions of the show and is quoted saying, “It’s been great, very energized. It’s actually my first trip here. I really like the balance between running businesses, talking to customers, and building relationships but also the engineering aspect of it, which I think has been transformative over the last couple of years, which I’m very happy to see. I’ve been mingling all week between strategic customers but also just the people who stop by to see the technology and the capabilities we can do.”

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During the show, we unveiled our first release of the WICED platform since the acquisition of Broadcom’s IoT business back in July. In an interview with Majeed Ahmad of All About Circuits, Brian Bedrosian, senior director of the IoT business unit at Cypress, said, “WICED Studio 4 is the first all-inclusive, turnkey platform for the broad market that enables IoT product developers to get connected in minutes, not weeks or months. It offers design simplicity, superior integration, faster time-to-market, and access to a broad array of cloud services.”

The new WICED Studio 4 SDK integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee stacks to simplify the IoT design process, enabling users to implement cloud connectivity in minutes for home security, connected cars, wearables and white goods applications, to name a few. The kit is designed to be an IoT connectivity solution with multi-protocol connectivity in a single software environment. Cypress pros were onsite to showcase demos of the new SDK, highlighting ways to alleviate radio, networking and cloud challenges that engineers often face when designing embedded connectivity applications.

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Show-goers were also in for a treat this year as Cypress’ Senior Vice President Alan Hawse hosted live demos on how to program a robotic Arm using PSoC. Alan has developed quite the YouTube following and consistently draws in crowds at tradeshows around the world!

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Cypress Senior Product Marketing Manager Mark Saunders also led a captivating series of demos, showing attendees how to use MCUs for industrial applications.

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Throughout the show, the Cypress booth was abuzz with activity. Fellow engineers perused our robust lineup of demos with the latest Cypress technology, including solutions for USB-Type-CTraveo™ MCUsTrueTouch® capacitive touchscreens and touchpads, Energy Harvesting Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), FM microcontrollers and memory devices.

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We also had a chance to explore the show floor to check out some of the cool innovations on display at the booths of our partners and friends in the industry, including Future Electronics, RS Components, ON Semiconductor and Arrow Electronics.

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We had a blast at all of this year’s events, and Electronica was no exception. Keep an eye out for Cypress at the industry’s most popular tradeshows in 2017. Our first stop will land us in Las Vegas for CES 2017—stay tuned to learn more about our exciting plans for the show this year!


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