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USB Hosts | Cypress Semiconductor

USB ホスト

Cypress’s host controllers bring the versatility of USB to your design.シングルおよびデュアルロールホスト/ペリフェラルコントローラがあれば、お客様が設計されたUSBポートには、デバイスおよびホスト機能の両方を備えることができます。Cypress’s high-performance USB host controllers are used in embedded applications such as:

  • セットトップ ボックス
  • Automotive Infotainment - Cypress is AEC Q100 Compliant


EZ-Host (CY7C67300) is a 4-port full-speed USB dual-role (host/peripheral) controller.EZ-Host is designed to easily connect to CPUs, providing them with USB host functionality. 
EZ-OTG (CY7C67200) is a single chip programmable USB On-The-Go host/peripheral controller supporting full-speed USB.With two built-in host/peripheral serial interface engines (SIEs), each with a...
SL811HS™ is an embedded full-speed USB host/slave controller.SL811HS incorporates USB interface functionality with internal full- or low-speed transceivers.When in host mode, SL811HS is the master...