SL811HS | Cypress Semiconductor


SL811HS is an embedded Full Speed USB host/slave controller.SL811HS incorporates USB interface functionality with internal full- or low-speed transceivers.When in host mode, SL811HS is the master and controls the USB bus and the devices that are connected to it.In peripheral mode, the SL811HS can operate as a full- or low-speed device.In addition, SL811HS can communicate with microprocessors, DSPs, and with various buses such as ISA, PCMCIA.


  • Integration:Single chip integrated with 256 Byte SRAM, full-speed SIE, and USB transceiver
  • Interfaces:
    • Microprocessor interface provides 8-bit bidirectional data path
    • DMA interface provides large data transfer
  • Low Power Consumption:4.2 mA current consumption in suspend mode
  • パッケージ:Available in 48 pin TQFP package


  • Scanners
  • Digital Photo Frames
  • プリンタ
  • PC 周辺機器
  • Card Readers
  • Network Infrastructure – Routers/ Switches
  • Set Top Box
  • ポータブルメディアプレーヤ
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