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PSoC Programming Solutions

PSoC Programmer is a simple GUI that enables you to program Cypress’s programmable devices.This is a single tool which supports the programming of Cypress's MCUs including PSoC® and FM0+ devices, and USB Type-C and Power Delivery devices.PSoC Programmer also provides integrated support in both the PSoC Creator and PSoC Designer IDEs.

Clock Programmer is used in configuring Cypress's configurable Clock devices.The Clock Programmer utilizes the CY3240 USB-I2C Bridge kit to configure Cypress's Clock devices.

Bridge Control Panel is a simple debugging software tool that comes with PSoC Programmer.It can be used to communicate with target devices over I2C/UART/SPI serial communications interfaces.Users can also log the data coming over these communication interfaces for further debugging.

KitProg1 is a programming architecture implemented on the PSoC 5LP device.The KitProg is a platform-independent programmer and debugger that supports programming of a target device via Cypress's proprietary or the industry-standard ARM CMSIS-DAP and Drag-n-Drop programming interfaces.The KitProg also features several bridging interfaces such as USB-UART and USB-I2C.

KitProg2 is a newer version of KitProg that supports all of the same capabilities as KitProg1 but also enables the design of custom applications.These custom applications can be downloaded into the PSoC 5LP device and can run along with the base application, i.e. the onboard programmer and debugger.

PSoC Programmer 3.26.0 release delivers the:

Pre-production support for PSoC 6 device family

PSoC Programmer 3.26.0 provides the programming and debugging support for Cypress’s latest PSoC 6 device family via both PSoC Programmer and PSoC Creator.

Production support for new devices

This update provides production support for PSoC 4200DS device family and multiple parts in PSoC 4 S-Series, PSoC 4 L-Series, PSoC 4 BLE, PSoC 5LP and TrueTouch devices.For more details on exact MPNs, please refer to the release notes of PSoC Programmer 3.26.0

Clock Programmer 1.6.0

Clock programmer update to provide bug fixes


​KitProg2 firmware update to enable programming and debugging support for CY8CKIT-062-BLE PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer kit, CY8CKIT-062 PSoC 6 Pioneer kit and CY8CKIT-146 PSoC 4200DS Prototyping kit.

ファイル名 言語 ファイル サイズ 最終更新日
 PSoC Programmer 3.26.0   英語 45 MB 06/02/2017
 PSoC Programmer 3.26.0 ISO (Create CD)    英語 591 MB 06/02/2017

“Older versions of PSoC Programmer are archived at the following page:Click here

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You can program Cypress devices using a variety of 3rd party production programmers.The below table provides a list of 3rd party production programmers that can be used to program Cypress devices:

プログラマ PSoC1 PSoC3 PSoC4 PSoC5LP TrueTouch CCGx FM0+ FM3 FM4
Elnec あり あり あり あり          
Hi-Lo あり あり あり あり あり        
LIERDA     あり あり     あり あり あり
PEmicro     あり あり          
Phyton あり あり あり   あり あり        
RPM Systems あり あり あり あり あり あり      
Sinaen あり あり あり あり あり あり あり あり あり
System General あり あり あり あり あり        
SMH Technologies あり あり あり   あり        
TPfusion あり あり あり   あり あり   あり あり
Xeltek あり あり あり あり あり あり あり あり あり
ZLG あり あり あり     あり あり あり あり