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PSoC® Creator™ Integrated Design Environment (IDE) | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® Creator™ Integrated Design Environment (IDE)

PSoC Creator is an Integrated Design Environment (IDE) that enables concurrent hardware and firmware editing, compiling and debugging of PSoC 3, PSoC 4, PSoC 4 BLE, PRoC BLE, PSoC 5LP and FM0+ systems with no code size limitations.PSoC and FM0+ peripherals are designed using schematic capture and simple graphical user interface (GUI) with over 120 pre-verified, production-ready PSoC and FM0+ Components™.

PSoC and FM0+ Components are analog and digital “virtual chips,” represented by an icon that users can drag-and-drop into a design and configure to suit a broad array of application requirements.Each component in the rich mixed-signal Cypress Component Catalog is configured with a Component Customizer and includes a full set of dynamically generated API libraries.Once the PSoC system has been configured, firmware can be written, compiled, and debugged within PSoC Creator or exported to top 3rd party IDEs from IAR, Keil, and Eclipse.

PSoC and FM0+ Systems are energy optimized beyond a typical MCU because PSoC Creator optimizes designs using only the required functionality.Users can create custom PSoC or FM0+ Components using state machine diagrams or Verilog within PSoC Creator to further optimize hardware and energy usage.

PSoC Creator is a free Windows-based IDE that includes:

  • Hardware design with complete schematic capture
  • Over 120 pre-verified, production-ready Components
    • Full communications library including I2C, USB, UART, SPI, and Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Tools to develop custom components in Verilog or via state machine diagram
    • Compatibility with the Peripheral Driver Library
    • Dynamically generated API libraries
  • Integrated C source code compiler and editor
  • ビルトイン デバッガ
ファイル名 言語 ファイル サイズ 最終更新日
 PSoC Creator 4.0 Update 1   英語 668 MB 01/10/2017
 PSoC Creator 4.0 Update 1 ISO (Create DVD)    英語 1.20 GB 01/10/2017
 PSoC Creator Eclipse Import (Luna, Mars) 英語 1.04MB 10/19/2016


Download PSoC Creator without using the Akamai Download manager.

What is the Akamai Download manager?See here.


If you need an older version of software, please visit the PSoC Creator Archive.

PSoC Creator 4.0, Update 1 Features

PSoC Creator 4.0, Update 1 includes the following updated Components: 

  • BLE Component 3.30 
  • CapSense CSD P4 / CapSense Gestures P4 2.60
  • EmEEPROM 1.20

In addition, all related code examples were updated to accommodate changes to these Components.

Support for FM0+ Devices

This release supports FM0+ devices in PSoC Creator, including the following series:

  • S6E1B3 and S6E1B8
  • S6E1C1 and S6E1C3
  • S6E1A1

You can create new projects targeting FM0+ devices, configure them using schematic and resource files, write firmware for them, and build and debug, all within PSoC Creator.

Components for FM0+ devices

The following new set of Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) components has been added to support the FM0+ devices this release.PDL is a library of C functions that control the peripheral blocks in FM0+ devices.

System Components
a.DMA Channel (PDL_DMA_v1_0)
b.Unique Id (PDL_UID_v1_0)
c.Reset (PDL_RESET_v1_0)
d.Low Voltage Detect (PDL_LVD_v1_0)
e.Low Power Modes (PDL_LPM_v1_0)
f.Hardware Watchdog (PDL_HWWDG_v1_0)
g.Software Watchdog (PDL_SWWDG_v1_0)
h.Clock Functions (PDL_CLK_v1_0)
i.CR-Trimming (PDL_CR_v1_0)
j.Clock Supervisor Functions (PDL_CSV_v1_0)
k.RTC (PDL_RTC_v1_0)
l.Descriptor System Data Transfer (PDL_DSTC_v1_0)
m.Segment LCD (PDL_LCD_v1_0)
n.VBAT Domain (PDL_VBAT_v1_0)
System / Memory Components
a.Main Flash (PDL_MFlash_v1_0)
Ports and Pins
a.GPIO (PDL_GPIO_v1_0)
c.External Interrupt (PDL_EXINT_v1_0)
a.MFS (PDL_MFS_v1_0)
b.Remote Control (PDL_RC_v1_0)
a.Base Timer Channel (PDL_BT_v1_0)
b.Cyclic Redundancy Check (PDL_CRC_v1_0)
c.Programmable CRC (PDL_PCRC_v1_0)
d.Quadrature Position Revolution Counter (PDL_QPRC_v1_0)
e.Watch Counter (PDL_WC_v1_0)
f.Dual Timer (PDL_DT_v1_0)
a.ADC (PDL_ADC_v1_0)

Schematic Text Files and XML Resource Files Support

This feature enables text-based design comparison between two (or more) projects.When the feature is enabled in the Options dialog, PSoC Creator saves a pair of extra files alongside the schematic (cysch) file.These two files represent a human-readable semantic (cysem) and visual (cyvis) representation of the schematic.These can be used to track and record changes made to the design.Cypress recommends that these files are included in revision control systems for your project.

Module Support in New Project Wizard

This feature makes hardware modules (for example, BLE modules) easier to find and use in new projects.There are now three separate options under Design project.


My Templates (user-provided project templates) Support

This feature allows you to add your own designs as templates in the New Project dialog.

To create your own templates, select the Copy to My Templates item in the Project menu.

Export to Makefile Feature

This feature provides a new export feature to a makefile, which allows you to build PSoC designs in many IDEs, as well as from the command-line.

New PSoC Components

This release of PSoC Creator provides the following new component.For more information, refer to the component datasheet.

  • PSoC 4 Power Monitor

Cypress is committed to quality.We bring our high silicon quality standards into our software development processes.We perform thousands of hours of testing on each PSoC Creator release.Custom developed hardware is used to test every build, every night, on every component across all PSoC architectures and FM0+ devices.PSoC Creator will not break your designs.

We are a solutions company that believes in innovation without compromise.Cypress knows you need to be in the market faster with more innovative products.The PSoC or FM0+ Solution can help you get there.Don’t be stuck using a defined feature set by a semiconductor manufacturer, with PSoC or FM0+, you can devote the system resources to exactly the analog, digital and communications components you need.

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