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ModusToolbox Integrated Design Environment (IDE) | Cypress Semiconductor

ModusToolbox Integrated Design Environment (IDE)

Cypress’ new ModusToolbox™ IDE for IoT designers provides a single, coherent, and familiar design experience combining the industry’s most deployed WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, and the lowest power, most flexible MCUs with best-in-class sensing.

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IoT Designer’s Toolbox includes:

  • WICED libraries support the industry’s most deployed IoT wireless technologies
  • MCU libraries support PSoC 6 MCUs, purpose-built for the IoT, using PDL 3.0, providing a simple, consistent design approach

Familiar Design Experience

  • Cypress’ Software Development Kit (SDK) combines WICED and PSoC libraries for a unified design flow improving design cycle times
  • Eclipse IDEs are open-source, driven by hundreds of contributors, making it robust, very extensible, and widely deployed

Make it yours and make it better with 3rd party solutions

  • Enhances the WICED Studio design flow with latest Eclipse IDE features
  • Open source plug-ins enable a personalized experience
  • Makes it easy for other environments to incorporate the IoT Designer Toolbox
  • Cypress curated partner libraries and plug-ins are also available

Register For the ModusToolbox IDE Early Access Program Today!

For customers interested in learning more, we are offering the ModusToolbox IDE Early Access Program (EAP).Register today to find out more and secure a chance to become a beta tester in Q218

For immediate questions or inquiries, please email us directly at Or contact your local salesperson