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Regarding Control center

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               We are using the control center for biding the streamer and the Fx3 board which is also provided by the cypress .And it is working 

when we will select the bulk _in_End_points But when we will Select the bulk_out_end_points the data is transferring only 2 times .if we wanted to transfer third time and so on ....    transfer failed 997 error   is coming .can any one help me to modify the control center so i can transfer data to fx3 using bulk out end points  n times from  Cy Control center to fx3.

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What is the firmware that you are using here?

Is it any example firmware or custom firmware?If it is example, what is the project?

How much data you are sending over Bulk Out Ep? 

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Hi Srdr,

Thank you for your time and response .

We are using slaveFIFO firmware.

It is example firmware project that is, slavefifo .

We are send 11 bytes of data at a time.

Thanks and Best Regards


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