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Clarification for Bootloader using USBUART | Cypress Semiconductor

Clarification for Bootloader using USBUART

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I have a USBUART working on my project that is used for processing config commands form a PC. (Only used when changes need to be made to program parameters).

I would like to add a bootloader using the USBUART.Do I simply follow the app instructions as though I am using a standard com port?

Or, are there some additional settings I need to make or will the bootloader set up the correct buffer size etc required when it is invoked?

Ideally, the program would wait at start for several seconds to see if bootloader host is available and after timeout then run the normal code.

I assume either the BL in the project sends a command so the host knows it is ready, or visa-versa and the host sends bytes to see if project is connected?




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The bootloader interface is completely independent of your project's interfaces.The Bootloader project will handle everything as long as you followed the instructions.



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