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EZ-Click 2.0

2018 年 1 月 25 日

EZ-Click 2.0 is a simple yet powerful software tool that enables development of CapSense® MBR solutions.This lightweight Windows® GUI-based tool has been improved to make development of capacitive user-interfaces extremely simple and quick.The tool allows you to setup sensor configuration, apply global system properties, monitor real-time sensor output, and run production-line system diagnostics – all in an intuitive, visually-driven tool, with absolutely no firmware development required!

EZ-Click supports all register-configurable CapSense MBR families, including the newest MBR3 family featuring the best of Cypress’s CapSense technology with SmartSense Auto-Tuning™, industry-leading water tolerance and proximity sensing capabilities.

The SP1 release provides a few bug fixes to improve ease of use.

EZ-Click Video Screen Shot
Introduction to EZ-Click Software Tool

If you need an older version of software, please visit the EZ-Click Archive