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CCG2 18W Power Adapter Reference Design | Cypress Semiconductor

CCG2 18W Power Adapter Reference Design

2016 年 8 月 09 日

The CCG2 18W Power Adapter (PA) Board is receptacle based Type-C power adapter which supports outputs of 5V@3A, 7V@2.5A, 9V@2A and 12V@1.5A. The two major components on the board are Cypress’s EZ-PD CCG2 (CYPD2134-24LQXIT) controller and Power Integrations’ INN2215K AC-DC controller. 

CCG2 18W Power Adapter Reference Design

The CCG2 device on the board handles USB Type-C interface and PD 2.0 whereas AC-DC power conversion, Over Current protection (OCP) and Over Voltage Protection (OVP) is handled by Power Integrations’ INN2215K AC-DC controller, which supports universal AC input supply.Cypress has hardware files (schematic, bill of materials and board files) readily available below for customers to reduce the design cycle. 

For any questions regarding the board, please contact Online Tech Support Case System.