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BCM9WICED_SENSE2 Evaluation and Development Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

BCM9WICED_SENSE2 Evaluation and Development Kit

2016 年 7 月 12 日

BCM9WICED_SENSE2 Evaluation and Development Kit

The Cypress BCM9WICED_SENSE2 provides the best out-of-box development experience for WICED™ SMART.The WICED SENSE 2 kit includes the Cypress BCM20737L Bluetooth Low Energy SoC and four STMicroelectronics sensors:gyroscope/accelerometer, eCompass, pressure, and humidity/temperature.The BCM20737L connects directly to the sensors without the need for an external micro-processor.The WICED Sense smartphone application is used to easily receive and display real-time data from the sensors.

Kit Features:

  • Four integrated sensors allowing for development, debug, and display of real-time information with the WICED Sense smartphone application.  
  • The BCM9WICED_SENSE2 is a self-contained device that can be powered from a wired USB (+5V) connection or a coin cell battery
  • On-board USB-UART bridge enables easy-to-use Host Controller Interface (HCI) via PC terminal.
  • On-board EEPROM and Serial Flash programmed by WICED™ SMART SDK for custom application firmware development. 
  • The USB interface enumerates as both a USB-JTAG (Program and Debug) and USB-UART (Serial Command Interface)

Download the WICED™ SMART Software Development Kit (SDK) to work with the BCM9WICED_SENSE2.


1 X BCM9WICED_SENSE2 device (including CR2032 coin cell), 1 X USB Cable, 1 X Quick Start Guide