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CYUSB330x, CYUSB331x, CYUSB332x HX3 USB 3.0 Hub Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor

CYUSB330x, CYUSB331x, CYUSB332x HX3 USB 3.0 Hub Datasheet

2018 年 2 月 02 日

HX3 USB 3.0 Hub


HX3 is a family of USB 3.0 hub controllers compliant with the USB 3.0 specification revision 1.0. HX3 supports SuperSpeed (SS), Hi-Speed (HS), Full-Speed (FS), and Low-Speed (LS) on all the ports.It has integrated termination, pull-up, and pull-down resistors, and supports configuration options through pin-straps to reduce the overall BOM of the system.

HX3 includes the following Cypress-proprietary features:

Shared Link™:Enables extra downstream (DS) ports for on-board connections in embedded applications

Ghost Charge™:Enables charging of devices connected to the DS ports when no host is connected on the upstream (US) port


  • USB 3.0-Certified Hub, TID# 330000060
  • Supports up to Four USB 3.0-Compliant DS ports
  • Shared Link™ for Embedded Applications
  • Enhanced Battery Charging
  • Integrated ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU
  • Vendor-Command Support to Implement a USB-to-I2C Bridge
  • Extensive Configuration Support
  • Software Features
  • Flexible Packaging Options
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