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Yankee Scientific, Inc. | Cypress Semiconductor


Address:93 West Street
Postal Code:02052

Yankee Scientific provides technical innovation in a wide range of engineering disciplines.We develop products, machines and systems from concept through all aspects of development including performance validation and field testing.Much of Yankee’s work is concerned with product and technology innovations for generating, converting and using energy efficiently. 

We are experts in the development of advanced appliances and management technology for the North American energy market.Our customer base includes heating appliance manufacturers, public utilities, defense department R&D centers and government agencies.

Yankee has been the recipient of the US Army Small Business Innovation Research Phase II Quality Award and the R&D Magazine award for “One of the 100 Most Technologically Significant New Products of the Year”.

Our recent projects include freewatt®, the only practical and affordable Micro Combined Heat and Power system (MicroCHP) for the home.Freewatt was designed in partnership with ECR International and in cooperation with American Honda Motor Co.

Experienced In:

    • Mechanical, electrical, microprocessor integration
    • Energy production and management technologies
    • Firmware development for Cypress processors
    • Taking your design from the back of a napkin to production
    • Applying technology to energy production and management
    • All areas of technical documentation – including user manuals

Market Segments:

  • Data Communication
  • テレコム
  • 計測器
  • Military
  • ホーム オートメーション
  • HVAC
  • 工業用制御
  • 民生


  • System Level Design
  • Software Development
  • CAE/CAD Design
  • Analog
  • Mixed-Signal
  • Board design/layout
  • Turnkey Manufacturing
  • Firmware Design
  • 計測器
  • Industrial/Mechanical Design
  • 組み込み制御