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We are committed to the success of our customers.Which is why, we make sure that we listen to all your feedback and implement tangible changes that will make your experience of working with us better.

Take a look at what you said and what we did to make it better.



You said that you liked our new PSoC® 4200 and 4100 families, but needed something more price competitive.

We responded by releasing the PSoC 4000 family to help reduce system cost, while maintaining the same PSoC familiarity. 

You said you wanted more cost-effective development kits.

We launched three low-cost kits:the $49 CY8CKIT-042-BLE Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Pioneer Kit, the $49 CYUSB3KIT-003 EZ-USB® FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit, and the $4 PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-049 4xxx Prototyping Kits


You said you wanted more training on our products.

In 2015, we are offering over 150 training workshops across the globe for our new PSoC 4 BLE product. Click here to learn more. 
We have also created a new video training series on PSoC Creator. Click here to view these videos.




You wanted easier access to Cypress product roadmaps.

We have given you access to detailed roadmaps for all our products on the website.Just select “Cypress Product Roadmaps” under the “Products” tab on the top navigation bar, or access via keyword search. Click here for a list of available roadmaps. 


You wanted upfront and timely technical support.

We put together an expert triage team and developed a better system to improve our response time.On average, we reduced our first response time from 16.3 hours in 2013 to under 2 hours in the first quarter of 2015. 


You asked for an active forum with no questions left unanswered.
Our technical support team will now respond to all posts that do not receive a response from a forum member within 24-hours.

We are committed to enabling an active, self-sustaining community for our users in addition to providing immediate access to technical experts by creating a MyCase at this link.


You wanted better quality application notes.

We changed our process to significantly improve the quality and readability of our application notes.
We also perform periodic testing to ensure the included “projects build” in each software update are error-free. Additionally, we added more than 47 new Application Notes and 269 Knowledge Base Articles to our website in 2014.



You said you wanted fewer quality-related production disruptions and quicker problem containment.

We transformed the quality resolution process by assigning case ownership to the engineers who own the product.We also cut problem resolution times by 33%—from 27 days in 2012 to 18 days in 2014—on average.


You said you wanted shorter lead times to meet your shipping schedule needs.

We shortened our lead times from more than seven weeks in 2012 to an average lead time of less than five weeks with many products at four weeks or less.We also improved on-time delivery to > 99%.We achieved this through optimized planning, flexible manufacturing, and a simplified supply chain.We will continue to improve our delivery performance with a goal of consistently providing lead times shorter than four weeks and 100% on-time delivery.

In Q1 of 2015 we merged with Spansion and we recognized at that time that the lead time and on time delivery for MCU products is not where they need to be.We appreciate those who have taken the time in recent surveys to give us feedback on the need to improve in this area and we have heard you.Our deliveries and lead times are improving and we will get much better.

When can you expect our on time deliveries to improve?
At the time of the merger we were at 69% on time delivery for MCU products.Over the last 6 months we have improved to 92% on time delivery and will get to >95% before we exit 2015.By the end of 2016 our deliveries will be >99% on time.

When can you expect our lead times to improve?
At the time of the merger we were at 19 weeks lead time and we are currently at 15 weeks for MCU products.We will reduce to 12 weeks by the end of 2015 which will be a 7 week reduction from the time of merger.We will continue to reduce lead times in 2016.



You said you wanted real-time customer service. 

We responded by providing you live support across China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and USA from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, at 1-800-541-4736 or 1-408-943-2600.You can also email us at


You said you needed better online search.

We enhanced our search engine optimization.We also added predictive text capabilities to make it easier to find the technical resources you are looking for.


You said you’d like to see a new and improved PSoC Creator.

We’ve released PSoC Creator 3.3 which comes with the following key improvements: 

  • New Resource Meter Window
  • Guided Pin Selection Feature for PSoC 4
  • Enhanced Example Project Browser
  • User-Friendly, Project Creation Wizard

Click here to see more details.