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How You can Make the Projects we showcased @ Maker Faire Seattle '17 | Cypress Semiconductor

How You can Make the Projects we showcased @ Maker Faire Seattle '17

We love showcasing the innovative ways makers use our technology.The maker community consistently creates out-of-the box projects, so it’s no surprise that Maker Faire is one of our favorite places.Recently, we packed up our favorite PSoC© demos and hit the road to “SEA” all the makers at Maker Faire Seattle.We were especially excited for this year’s show because we showed off original #PSoCMaker projects.Below you’ll find a list of some of our fan-favorite demos with links to tutorials so you can make the projects yourself.

A popular project was the ETCH-A-SKETCH, created by Juan Esteban Paz, who as you may remember was our November 2016 Maker of the Month.Using our PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit, makers can program doodles on the automatic ETCH-A-SKETCH.Juan was visiting California from Ecuador and very kindly hand-delivered his PSoC project to our HQ so we could bring it to the show.Thanks again, Juan!

To learn how you can build your own, check out his Hackster tutorial here.

Another popular demo we had at the show was our Hacked RC Car developed by #PSoCMakers Gregory Griffes and Troy Gentry.We showed makers how they can hack the hardware and make any RC car a personalized, smart car robot with our PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit. To check out the project and see a step-by-step tutorial, you can visit their Hackster tutorial here.

We also showcased a proximity sensing robotic beast designed by Cypress employee Mark Saunders.While it moves like a car, this Proximity Triggered Beast has a lot of canine tendencies, including the ability to follow a hand – even if you’re not holding any treats.To learn how to make your own, you can check out Mark’s blog post here.

We also brought along Alan Hawse’s popular PSoC 6 project, a robotic Arm created with our new PSoC 6 Pioneer Kit. Alan details in his blog post how you can use the PSoC Analog Coprocessor, WICED and PSoC 6 to build this smart Arm. 

We had a blast at this year’s event showing all the amazing things you can do with PSoC and interacting with the maker community.We hope these demos will inspire you to build your own projects and create solutions for the next generation of devices.We can’t wait to “SEA” what you design next, #PSoCMakers!



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