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I should have been a Dentist | Cypress Semiconductor

I should have been a Dentist

I just finished an apps call to help a customer solve a problem with their design as performance was not up to par. I suggested some slight layout and pinout changes and their project lead informed me that they had already gone out for boards. I then went for possible software fixes and their firmware lead told me they were in “code freeze”. When I asked them short of prayer just what did they think I could do? They responded that I was the expert and maybe I had some tricks up my sleeve. Or course marketing was against spec changes because, you guessed it, the data sheet had already been released. Tricks yes! Miracles no! I suggested sacrificing a chicken or two to the gods of good luck. I suppose being a Dentist has its problems but at least you get a big bottle of Nitrous and get to inflict a bit of pain to customers that really piss you off. I’m going to let this one stew (get it.... chicken.... stew?  haha) for a day or two for them to figure out which camp is going to have to cave.


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Sacrificing goats usually works for me.That and selling my soul to the devil.

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OK, I have to know - who backed down?Or are they going ahead with the production as a "late beta" release to their Most Important Customers, with the option to release a fully-optimised product a little bit later (for a little bit more compensation)?

FWIW, burning cacao beans worked for me once.Less messy than chickens/goats, no smouldering feather/fur artefacts wafting around on random breezes, and it smells nicer too!

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